Am I the only one offended by the Anubis pack's existence/name?

And I mean literally, religiously offended. I know I can’t speak for everyone, in fact I can only speak for a hilariously small segment of the population, but…
Is it too much to ask for you to not appropriate the names of gods for your overpriced transactions? Why did this set have to be named after a deity? I know you only hear about the big Abrahamic faiths these days, but there are still pagans and neopagans around. With the Norse pantheon, you went for names of weapons and tools, so what gives here?

The helmet and shoulders and color scheme aren’t even vaguely Egyptian themed. The set was just given a mythological name to make it marketable. The helmet’s hideous and not even remotely canine-shaped, and the pauldrons are just big useless chevrons that don’t actually protect the shoulders. What is that color scheme supposed to be?

I feel disgusted and appalled that the name of my patron is being used to tempt me to waste $20.

EDIT: So apparently the helmet IS legacy armor from 5. Great. It’s not going anywhere. :pensive: Fine. Bundle’s still being sold on the name for $WayTooMuch.

Aslo edit: No I’m not bloody trolling you yoinkholes. Have some respect for people with nonstandard beliefs.


I’m offended that they only had Anubis, I mean, what about Set, Horus, and others? We have had the Anubis set for years and no acknowledgement of the others. Shame on 343i.


We have had the Anubis set for years

Oh heck no, please don’t break my heart and tell me it’s a legacy H5 armor. That would make it even worse because then there’s absolutely no way it’ll ever get changed.

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I wanna see a Jesus set and see what they come up with XD Or Buddha. Really, as long as it’s not offensive, taking inspiration from other cultures is perfectly fine and I endorse it. It’s great when the world shares.


I mean, if anything the Christians should be offended. Their whole religion got clowned on. Halos, the Ark, the Covenant, the Flood.


… You make a great point XD

Lmao tru

First, it’s a legacy helmet, starting in H5.
Second, though the shoulders are included in the “set”, they are not “Anubis” shoulders - they are UA (up-armored)/EFREM
And third, I’m sure there’s some internal trivia as to why it’s named Anubis, though admittedly it is not clear what that would be. The lore is that the helmets are “grown” in Elite forges. Could be a reference to being a “human with the head of a jackal”, seeing that Jackals are enemies in Halo.


It’s a legacy helmet, starting in H5

Howls of frustration and defeat. I miss one game in the franchise and they’ve gone in for casual blasphemy; I’m just screaming into the ether at this point. :rage:

No way in hell legacy armor gets renamed. And 343 won’t ever break up a store bundle just because of whiny little old me. So I guess I get to just sit here and be pissy that the people making Halo see my faith as just a free idea bucket and nothing more.

As a Christian myself, I always like seeing other peoples take and fiction stories based on my religion. It keeps things interesting and gives different perspective.


Well, on breaking up store bundles, that’s one of the current criticisms. So it may eventually just be the helmet and the set.
Which maybe you can justify for being a “Set”. :slight_smile:

yes because it doesn’t matter

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p.s. stop trolling because it’s painfully obvious at this point


Honestly I would be happy if my ancestors were cool enough to get things named after them. Practically nobody knows the names of my peoples ancient gods. Is that better somehow being forgotten.


seeing “legacy” and H5 in the same sentence feels weird


Um… are you trying to equate skin color to coloring of a weapon? Please tell me I’m wrong. You’re trolling right? I think you’re trolling.


I was pointing out the developers somewhat dicey decision to make the buffed weapons white, in relation to how this may be interpreted as racism (even though it’s not intended as racism).

I’ve decided to remove my comment to avoid misunderstandings.

I mean it’s sensitive thinking like that that is the real issue. We now need to dance around the colors of weapons in video games because one person somewhere might interpret it strangely.


(And I can’t point it out in fear of someone calling me a racist). :man_shrugging:

I still want to point out that Mjolnir and Gungnir are from Norse mythology though. And I’m not offended by that even though I’m Scandinavian. So back to my original point, that maybe we should all dial down the victimize-antennas and get less offended.

It doesn’t matter. OP is a troll anyway.


No trolling here. It really does bug me. But since the helmet’s from Halo 5, I’ve accepted that I just have to sit here and be mad about it, because the time to be pissy about it was like a decade ago.

What? Im not calling you a racist. I am saying you are viewing a white weapon as possible mal-intent, but what if more powerful weapons were black? Would you be saying the same thing?

It’s just silly is all, not racist. Weapons have nothing to do with the color of anyone’s skin.