Am I the only one enjoying Spartan Ops?

I see that it has some flaws, mainly not enough variety in levels and I think there are too few AI buddies to really give a sense of scale but that may change in the future, and I am enjoying what we have now. Some of the combat scenarios are pretty cool, and it is really neat to have bit sized chunks of single player Co-op constant to play at a time, keeps the game fresh.

I usually play on legendary even in solo, it’s really fun. I’ve completed episode 2 twice already and episode 1 more.

I’m in the middle. I do wish it had scoring and didnt have infinite lives. But I believe 343 said this was just a test to see how it panned out over the season. They may add it and other stuff in season 2. But I like the story. Can’t wait to finish out season 1 just to see where the story leads

I enjoy it a lot, it just feels rather too short for me :frowning: can beat it in 5 minutes each episode. Crazy

I’m enjoying it. I also like the fact that the mission are getting much harder. I think i died 13 times on one of the new missions :frowning:

> I enjoy it a lot, it just feels rather too short for me :frowning: can beat it in 5 minutes each episode. Crazy

On legendary?

Yup, sadly enough

Nope, I like it a lot. Looking forward to the continual weekly episodes. Love that format on top of everything.

I don’t like it. The story is meh, the characters are cliche and annoying, and its way too easy, even on Legendary. Much preferred Firefight (real firefight, not Firefight Arcade). But hey, that’s just my opinion. I’m glad you like it. Here’s to hoping it’s only in its infancy and will be getting better as time goes on. That will be a win for both of us.

The Hacksaw chapter was rather brutal. I managed to get 6 marines into the tower then instant surrounded and death, spawning at the bottom of the hill. By the time I got back, the marines had vanished.

While not difficult, in SO and campaign, the AIs have definitely improved.

> I’m enjoying it. I also like the fact that the mission are getting much harder. I think i died 13 times on one of the new missions :frowning:

Firefight in Reach was tedious and boring in my opinion, so yeah I’m with you on enjoying Spartan Ops.

I’m enjoying Spartan ops :slight_smile:

I enjoy Spartan Ops, it seems that it can keep the game fresh every week giving me something new to look forward to (cut scenes with spartans and action). While it does need some tweaking with the amount of lives, I see alot of potential with it.

Everyone I know is completely loving SpOps. The story is amazing, the scenarios are fun, most of the maps are fun, and its great to have your loadouts.
The biggest issue so far is connection, just like matchmaking it’-Yoink!- or miss.

Oh and RvB easter eggs show that 343 really does care about Halo IMO. Absolutely love those as well.

I’m extremely happy with Spartan Ops. I love the characters and the production in the actual episodes, seeing Dr. Glassman after reading about him in the The Thursday War I feel is a nice little payoff for following the non-game material, as well as the universe is really starting to feel interconnected.

Only complaint could be that Episode 2 re-used 3(?) of the maps from Episode 1, but in reverse. My buddy and I had a good laugh about it though.

Good and bad


  1. Awesome Storyline
  2. AI Improved
  3. Great RvB easter eggs
  4. A second campain
  5. A second campain 6 months after the main storyline
  6. A second campain where you play as your spartan
  7. More Palmer
  8. Many new characters (or hopefully returning chracter) within the next few weeks
  9. Awesome episodes
  10. 10 weeks of it and maybe ten more after that
  11. Very rewarding exp at the end


  1. Connection

Spartan Ops is awesome. So much better than boring, repetitive firefight. Anyone that wants firefight back is crazy.

I enjoy it for what it is, but it has a hell of a lot of unfulfilled potential. I understand the reasons for removing firefight, but I think some of FF’s best features could have been implemented in Spartan Ops.

What I’d like to see added and removed:

+A scoring system with rewards for completing missions in a certain length of time
+The option to use skulls
+Play on the campaign’s strengths! Specifically, give us a mission or two where we use the Pelican and a few others where we can use the Mantis!
+Give me a reason to care about the story. Currently, it’s really “whatever”. The characters aren’t interesting and there’s no real momentum in the story. I realize that it won’t have the pacing of the campaign, but please give me a reason to care.

-Palmer’s and Miller’s terrible dialogue. Seriously, this needs to stop. Palmer is particularly bad…I hate how she’s always downing the “science-types” and acts like every mission is a joke/game. It really destroys any sense of struggle/intensity, making me feel like a mop-up crew rather than someone making it through a hard-fought battle. Plus, she needs to realize how she and all the other SPARTAN-IVs wouldn’t exist without those “science-types,” given that they are the reason she has her armor.

-Copy-past level design. Not cool.

It’s just hard for me to enjoy it as much as I could because there is so much obvious room for improvement. Put in skulls, make missions last longer (or make them not worth 50% more than Wargames), something more varied than shooter galleries in maps that feel like they should be in Firefight or small corridors, let people choose the difficulty when playing online…

Also they somehow managed to make Jennifer Hales voice grate on my nerves. I didn’t know you could do that, but her and Millers back and forth banter is legitimately painful to hear.

It’s fun, but no where near good enough or polished enough to feel like a substitute for Firefight, which had been polished over two games. It just lacks the overall sheen you expect from a new mode in Halo.

Way too laggy.

Only play it for the XP.