Am I the only one crashing in ranked games

I am onyx, and I have been trying to grind my way up. I have crashed in ranked games the last 3 days 4 times. Worst it’s ever been. I gain 15 points over and hour to lose them disconnecting. I’m almost done with ranked because it’s so discouraging. Is it too much to ask for a way to reconnect after a disconnect to avoid penalty…. Or at least a way to identify if it’s a disconnect. Or maybe we just fix the disconnect bug… come on 343


I don’t get crashes during ranked but I can’t connect to BTB which is annoying as I need to complete some challenges.

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I understand protecting any unbalance from the game. I feel there are a few easy solutions.

#1: A reconnect feature. This would be amazing as to let the player decide to take the loss of points or to continue for a fighting chance.

#2: Drop amount of points lost due to a game crash

#3: Any teammates remaining in game should NOT be hit so hard with losing points.

Granted losing is losing, but by no means should it be as if the game ended on fair terms. This game has its kinks. But we can prevent frustration and keep fairness for all players. It doesn’t feel good winning 4v3s, getting the same amount of csr I get when I win a 4v4 while I carry the team.

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Im playing on XBox Series X. And it happens that i get kicked from a ranked match and land on the XBox main screen! Seems that halo crashed then.
Ah yes, before i forget, got also a rank penalty when this happens, my bad…

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I have the same issues and been stuck at D6 after the rank reset because I keep crashing consistently too on my xsx. Does it kick you to the Xbox dashboard or turn your Xbox off? Cause both of those issues have happen to me. I crash all the time randomly on HI.

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This is why I decided that I’m no longer gonna play Infinite. For example, I play Open as a “warmup” after playing around in Team Slayer or Fiesta or something. After the Feb. 24th update, my game is now crashing in the middle of my games. No errors or anything and it just brings me right back to my desktop. Because I’m a solo player, Solo/Duo is where I spend most of my time; therefore, that’s where the majority of crashes occur. I used to be able to play around 3-4 games before it would close on me, but now it’s doing it in the middle of my first game of the day.

My solo rank is now a Gold 6, while my Open rank is Diamond 2 iirc. That’s because I don’t play Open long enough for crashing to occur. And then getting banned for “quitting” my matches. This game has been notoriously crashing since launch over all platforms. Why the hell do they have this stupid “banning” system in place?

I went back to COD. I get way more enjoyment playing Cold War than Infinite at this point. At least it runs perfect and it’s actually fun to play, without any desync issues or any of the other issues Infinite has had since launch.

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Same. Rank is Sisyphean because crashes, as OP mentioned, take any gains from grinding. Not worth it.


I ranked into Diamond 5 and have lost almost all my games. It is virtually impossible to rank up when my game keeps crashing.