Am I left out of flights, or is it cool?

Am I left out to dry here, or are the majority of insiders without access to a flight still?
I know I have to be patient and all, but I just want to know if I’m being marginalized and everybody else is getting into the pc flights with insider.
Either way I’ve still been keeping up on content that 343 and other community members put out, but I’m not too active in the forums

EDIT: Im thinking out loud, sorry for the random whining

As flights go on more and more people are invited to them. That said, it isn’t yet all registered Insiders - and I’m not sure it will ever be.
If you meet the criteria you have just as much of a chance as everyone else that meets it, but unfortunately that chance isn’t 100%.

I already responded to your post in another topic, no need to create a new topic for this. We also already have existing threads about invited.