Am I just missing the Sniper Bullet trail?

Some of you have a lot better eye than I do. In clips showing the Sniper Rifle I’m not seeing a bullet trail. This could be really bad news because if a sniper is hiding and only taking pop shots you will never find them.

I play Team Snipers a lot and the trail is the only thing that gives away a camping sniper. I don’t hate campers at all but this could ruin the weapon in my opinion. It would become crazy over powered.

I know it’s not the final build and I just might be missing it too. This is more curiosity than worry right now.

I hope it’s put in… It’s key to know sniper positions, forcing them to stay on the move.

I don’t see it either.

I saw it, it just seems to go away faster.

By jove, you’re right!
It just wouldn’t be Halo without it, and it’s extremely useful for scouting out snipers.

Ah this reminds me of Blood Gulch. There was one hiding spot where you could never be spotted by Banshee spamming -Yoinks!- even if they saw your contrail IIRC.

Anyways, yeah it should be in. I just hope the sniper has some degree of silenced effect in the campaign, especially if there are stealth opportunities.

Yeah I’m really hoping this is just because it’s an early build or some thing. If not Snipers could be really annoying and possibly break any medium/big map in Team Slayer and since I’m a huge Team Snipers fan it worries me that it would totally break that playlist.