Am I just lucky, or is Fiesta Killjoy not that difficult to complete?

Please don’t flame me for this, as I’m not trying to shut down any legitimate criticism, but I really don’t understand the frustration with the Fiesta Killjoy UWC. After reading so much collective annoyance towards it across social media, I went into this week’s challenges expecting to be raging at my Xbox for not putting me in more one-sided matches. When I finally got around to taking on the final objective yesterday, though, it was over after two matches. Both games weren’t even unbalanced—I just happened to kill three good players on the enemy teams.

So am I lucky, or is this whole debacle being blown out of proportion? One of my friends said he completed the challenge too, after around five games. Obviously, we’re just two people, so we can’t speak for the collective Halo community. I guess I’m just posting this as a beacon to see if anyone else is in the same boat as us, or if the majority of y’all are stuck on the UWC. If the case turns out to be the latter, I wish everyone luck in getting Killjoys in the next twelve hours. :saluting_face:


Yeah, at first I thought it was gonna be hard, but it was pretty easy.


For me, I always found it easy to get Killjoys to complete it as a normal Weekly when I get it. I was able to get two of my three in relatively short order.

A couple problems that this particular Challenge had was the fact that it was confined to a singular game mode and it was the Ultimate Challenge - meaning that after all the Challenges you completed, here’s THIS one that relies on members of your team bring bad and theirs good.

A lot of the painlessness that comes with being a Normal Weekly is that you have a bunch of other Challenges you can do and turn the Killjoy Challengr you can get while doing them.

But as an Ultimate, that is your sole Challenge, in a single game mode you may not like, and while Fiesta - in my opinion - is an easier mode to get Killjoys because its easier for one guy to get a Hammer or Launcher and go on a Spree with you spawning with a weapon that’ll allow you to kill him - if you’re lucky -, you can still run into moments like I did:

Got my two Killjoys in a couple games pretty early, but my last one I’d play a dozen games and still didn’t have it. It being my last Challenge and me wanting to get it done - in a game mode that was the Event-focus, meaning i was playing a lot of it already -, I finally ended up just playing,more half-heartedly, focusing on keeping count on the killfeed, and as soon as someone got their five kills I hunted them down and killed them.

It’s a recipe that this particular Challenge, with this particular situation, can create quite a bit of grief, especially for the more unlucky players.

No it is harder. Your two are just lucky. Working 2 jobs and trying to get this done is a nightmare and half. I have played 30 games in the last 2 days and have gotten none. I have gotten to be the one that gets killed and someone else gets the point. This weekly event is trash and it has given me the feeling of being right for not supporting this game until they fix it. Fix the cheating on PC and fix this horrible rewards system. Bring back the MCC reward system, not this trash. I will support this game when it supports its player base.

It was really hard for me because I’m either the top fragger of the match or I can’t kill anything no matter what I’m using, because the hit detection is totally schizophrenic


You’re lucky, just not super lucky. Fiesta Killjoy isn’t hard to do. I got mine in like 6 games. But it’s the principle of the challenge. You basically have to be losing games in order to get them. I even made a graph that showed that the losing team almost always got at least 1 killjoy and usually got more than the winning team.

Yeah, pretty easy
I’ve done mine in 6 games
Pretty cool actually

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Well, the challenge is based on an unpredictable gameplay variable. It could be easy for lots of people, outright impossible for others, or generally average for some.

(Rather stupid if you ask me. Whoever OK’d this challenge on the basis of “well, it’s fiesta, SOMEBODY is gonna be on a spree at some point” needs to reassess their comprehension of effective game design.)

You’re lucky.

The final challenge literally relies on your teammates being bad and dying frequently. I know that can happen, but fiesta is also pure chaos 99% of the time so most people don’t go on long kill streaks.

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I understand the frustration for the people that arnt familiar with how halo has worked when trying to understand medals, especially if you haven’t seen it elsewhere.

The KillJoy medal, while a simple task, is one that relies on you or a portion of your team dying consecutively to 1 or more Foe’s, granting that individual Foe a Spree and that team, 5+ points(inherently). Flip-Flop that example and BANG, you got yourself a spree and 5 points, right? I think the asking that we get JUST killjoy’s as the capstone was the shortsighted thing to do. I feel like you can mirror or reflect both sides/rolls of the scenario that medal(s) are based on and have bolstered the challenge as “Get 5 Killjoys or Killing Sprees”. Both of which can be very abundant in a fiesta match.

Weather or not this challenge was good/bad/hard/easy, There should be some additional emphasis/rewards when it comes to medal acquisition that stand apart from owing the seasons BattlePass(and challenges), cause they still wanna sell us past BP’s don’t forget that.

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I think I got lucky. It took me about 7 games to get the 3 kill joys. I got 2 in my second match, but then it took me awhile to get the third one.

I mean if you’re dying a lot and letting the enemy rack up kills its probably easier for you than someone who isn’t constantly dying and acts like a team-player

I get about 1-2 killjoys per hour pretty consistently (not grinding ranked has some advantages i guess) just by playing, not try to farm a specific player or anything silly. Overall I do think Infinite would benefit from some broader challenge criteria, but much of what shows up on this forum is over exaggerated.

After getting flamed several times about my stance on the challenge I started keeping check of all possible killjoys across my games. For me, it looks like there are roughly 3 games per hour that have 1 player getting 1 killjoy. Which again seemed pretty attainable to me.

There is some odd affliction where people who don’t have the ultimate by the end of Tuesday think the world is ending :man_shrugging:

Play Fiesta normally and you’ll get it in under 5 games most of the time. You don’t need to do any delusional stuff like « feeding enemy kills ».

You’ll find that most challenges work this way.


Good for you, I guess?

Hey all,
I have to respcetfully disagree. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to play much the past week till about Sunday afternoon. I had to complete all normal challenges, which was a grind for sure, but do-able. One of the challenges even was “Stop an Enemy killing Spree In Fiesta.” It was only one time though. After playing for a really long time, I got to the final challenge which was again “Stop an Enemy killing Spree In Fiesta,” But this time it was doing it three times. I played for 2 more hours and wasn’t able to get one kill Joy in that time.

 I would suggest that in order to get the weekly challenge completed, 343 make it to where it's reliant on the players ability, and not other opponents reaching a certain milestone, and then you having to stop that. Like try and keep it similar to the normal challenges of reaching so many kills or a certain amount of collective points in a particular game mode.

 I'm not super mad I couldn't complete the weekly challenge, just bummed because this is the first one I couldn't complete, and it was reliant on other players performing a certain way, not myself.

It isn’t extremely hard, but it is time consuming and strictly luck based. The main reason I think it is a horrible challenge is that people are incentivized to sandbag and lose in order to get the kill joy. I’m happy to try my luck for a few games trying to win, but after getting no wins, I become more motivated to lose to make sure people on the other team are getting killing sprees.


I guess I’m being pedantic by saying it’s not hard, because it doesn’t require that much skill. I’d argue it does if you’re trying to be strategic about it by feeding kills and then ‘last hitting’ the enemy, but otherwise no, it just requires some luck.

Twice I got lucky, but the final one I needed I actively sought out the winning player and got them with a Shock Rifle, which I’m not all that great way. Dead pleased with myself, but I don’t want to do that challenge again.

Can’t say I was looking for validation, but thanks…?

What are you talking about? Lol