Am I just at a loss or is there still hope?

I have yet to recieve my specialization code via email or xbox message. I have posted on the official forum twice. Contacted xbox support. So far I have no luck. I have proof that I played before the 20th by unlocking both matchmaking achievements by the 8th of November. I am 21 years old and live in Wisconsin. If somebody could shed new light for me and give me new hope as to what to do from here on, I would appreciate it. Thanks for your time and assistance.

~Half Black Kyle

Pm me i think i can help

Man I feel sorry for you since I got my code the dec 1 at 2 in the morning. I just think its a screw up on mircosofts and 343 part and you should get something extra for having to wait this long. i think its only fair since they made so much money from this game.

Ive posted many a times, have yet to hear anything back. I think at this point if you havent gotten the code its safe to say you will be stuck waiting until they release the spec’s to the general public.