Am I crazy

I may be crazy but does Anyone remember the vid released long ago on how in halo 2 you could shoot the wheel of the warthog and the wheel would fall off. Damage actually looked realistic in halo!

I would assume that since it’s a remake that the damage still happens the same way. However every new game we seemed to have lost older tech that should have been kept.

Halo 4 has no custom game type abilities that were in halo 2. Halo 3 didn’t offer that same custom game ability that was in it we just gained the forge which is awesome but changing weapons and such was awesome!

My rant is over all I can say is give us back everything we had in halo 2 and then add to it for halo 5 don’t get rid of anything!

isn’t that sort of what halo 2 anniversary is?

Are you talking about the video where damage actually affected the vehicles performance? Like after the hog got all beat up it would become harder to drive? If you’re talking about that, then no, you’re not crazy.

E3 2004, he shoots off a hub cap, and later melees a wheel that came off an exploded hog… but I don’t think that’s what you’re thinking about.

I know the halo 2 anniversary edition is doing it. And yes that’s the exact video if I remember right it was major Nelson demoing the game and shooting the warthog and ghost showing the damage that happens.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear in my post but I think it is crazy that instead of moving forward with new thing and keeping the old most games last gen and this gen are just going forward leaving all the new tech that they made for the game behind. Halo 2 had the most epic ranking system (granted it’s FINALY coming back) and halo 2 had the most game customizations of any game for that time period making it possible to create any type of game type we wanted.

Yet in halo we lost a lot of that. I feel that even though we will see some great feats come into games they will toss them out only to being things we don’t want. It’s sad that it took 10 years to finally say ok let’s go back to what halo so great.


Here’s the video you’re referring to.