Hello Spartans, I’m LittleBill2014 and I am a huge fan of Halo. Well on Sunday 11/5/16 I was banned from Arena on Halo 5. Its now Friday 11/11/16 and i’m still banned. The game lied and said that I was banned for 48 Hours!! But it’s been SIX DAYS!! I don’t even know what I did to get banned and I know the Banhammer rules. All I remember is that one game that I finished, it said I lost connection(wtf), the next game I played, my niece turned all the power in the house off, and after that I finished another game and after that I got a message saying that my fireteam changed and BOOM, I got banned. WTF is that 343, you guys need to stop ignoring us and fix your crap. Bungie never had any problems like this but now Halo fans are stuck with you guys and yall making Halo unplayable. I’m tired of just playing Custom Game and Warzone. If you guys can please fix your mess and get me unbanned so that I can play a game that I spent $60 on. My XBOX gamertag is: LittleBill2014.Thank You

PS: If you pay attention to my message, I was banned on 11/5/16. If you check my records, the games from 11/6/16 to 11/11/16 are all either custom or warzone games. Most of the games that have DNF were games where I finished but halo registers that as that I quit.

Looking at your game history, you have 59 DNF just in the arena. this is why you were banned.

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