Always online sucks

everything but campaign is online only and that sucks. We should be able to atleast forge in downtime when the servers start acting up wich they seem like that every week. Or if there is Internet outage in ur area or for whatever reason. It’s just knowing that without Internet that the game basically comes obsolete. That’s not fair and I don’t know why games keep doing this. We should be able to come back 10 years from now and boot up campign and play the game. But games like halo, destiny, need for speed, the division we can’t. Just the though of i bougt the game but don’t feel like I really own it cause eventually it will be paperweight and not playable is very wrong. This needs to stop. do you agree? If so keep this thread going.

I don’t use forge, so I don’t share your frustration. Online is mostly seamless as i go online as soon as I power up the box. signs in automatically…

Yes but a games features should not depend on weather the servers are working or if u pay your internet bill.

I think thats true, i remember the good old halo 3 times where my internet get cracked for about 3 weeks and i forge the hell out for new maps, or some cool pictures.