Always getting the same req cards

Am I the only person who always gets the same req cards?? Every pack I get is stuffed with needlers and mongooses, rarely anything else.


YOu probably have a certification for them, meaning they drop more often in REQ packs.

Is there a way to turn that off?

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> Is there a way to turn that off?

No. You may be wondering what will happen as you unlock more and more certifications and your chances of finding anything BUT these certified weapons becomes as slim as winning the lottery. The answer to that is, you’re boned.

The system just wasn’t thought all the way through.

Is this happening to anyone else or just me?

I had to go through dozens of packs to finally get a DMR.

I keep geting the same too,I just want a coloured visor and a helmet.

Only open Gold Packs. They’re really the only ones worth opening.

Only buy silver silver ones. You get twice as many permanent unlocks as gold for the same amount of rp. These give you more certifications and so a greater diversity of weapons.

Yessss. I have been playin this game non stop and I still have not spawned a warthog. It is the one thing that truly makes warzone feel like pay to play.

Should I get excited about getn 7 mongooses in a gold pack, wtf.

Just gime btb so I can ditch warzone

Open a bunch of the bronze ones. You’ll get alot more certifications. The more certs you have the better variety you get in the gold & silver packs.

Same! This is -Yoink-. I love the game play but I never get anything better then a needler or chain gun

I have the same issue. I would advise you to buy a lot of silver packs, as they have the same amount of permanent items in them as gold packs, but are half the price. This means that you should get more weapon certifications and balance out your packs a little more.

Gold packs have a higher chance of getting rare cards.