Alternative Execution to New Mechanics

I’ve been seeing a lot of threads and comments based simply on taking out current mechanics that have been added to Halo 5 from past Halo titles with only a handful of alternatives. I thought it would be best to actually organize a thread in which people can post adjustments and alternative ways in which new mechanics (or old even, if you want changes there too) can be done. These are simply personal preferences, but if someone really really likes an idea here, they should try to make it heard if it seems viable for 343 to do something about. I suppose I’ll start with my personal wish list for changes. Since I like to write a lot, the actual changes I will make bold for those that want a TL;DR.

I’m one of those devoted Halo fans who has played since CE, but also is open to sprint being in future Halo games if done right. Currently I could live with sprint in Halo 5, though it does have some problems. I feel it should take slightly longer to hit full speed when sprinting (where your boosters kick in on your back, the crosshair changes, and the air starts ‘wooshing’ by). I also believe in addition to shields not regenerating while sprinting, your shields should degrade (preferably at about 5-10% per second, but possibly more). This would make sprinting less of a ‘run around the battlefield’ type of mechanic and more of a ‘use only for escape or when completely necessary’.

Ground Pound:
I like ground pound. I can use it effectively, but rarely. It is a very satisfying way of killing that I think if nothing else adds a bit of flair to Halo without detracting from it. My only feedback is that the damage scaling can be slightly off at times, as I have ground pounded into someone’s skull before and just bounced off.
Spartan Charge:
Spartan charge in my experience has been a hit or miss addition. When chasing someone down or when used for a bit of extra mobility, it shines. But when used head on or from behind on a full health enemy it performs poorly. I have had multiple occasions where from the front I have charged into someone and slammed into them, only to have them punch me and shoot a burst into my chest or head before I can even raise my weapon since I’m recovering from charging into them. But while this annoys me personally, one should not be encouraged to simply run in and smash people in the face, so I wouldn’t change this. I should simply change my play style regarding it. Similarly when done from the front, when I hit an enemy from behind with the charge I simply knock them away, when a melee to the back should simply kill outright. So my personal changes for this would be to make Spartan Charging from behind, if the blow connects, an instant assassination on the target. This way you would still receive a kill, but can’t charge and instakill multiple enemies.
Thruster pack:
I like the thruster pack and honestly don’t think it needs to be changed.
Smart Scope:
Ohhhhh smart scope. How you’re a wonderful idea executed (for the most part) quite poorly. I want to like smart scope as a gun enthusiast and a Halo lore fan, as some aspects of it make sense. The change of grasp on the weapon and the added holographic HUD additions to the scopes are wonderful, but the obscuring scope sections, scoping time, and (for some weapons) vast increase in accuracy are mistakes in my opinion. But I see two good alternatives that don’t completely get rid of smart scope but improve on these problems.
1. The first version of my adjustment would be to simply quicken the scoping in time to Halo 2-3 times, while having the sensory equipment in the visor of your weapon render the image of what lays behind the obscuring sections of the scope. AKA make your weapon seem to be active camoflaged to be transparent but still barely noticeable, with important information (range, ammo, etc) still provided holographically. This way the Spartan would be holding the weapon in a more ready and better supported position as well in lore aspects, but whether this is needed or not can be debated, but it is still an aspect of this adjustment.
2. The second version of my adjustment would be to simply remove the scope from the equation and make every smart scope similar to the AR’s smart scope, which obscures very little and provides zoom and important information. Just simply put on the needed touches for each individual weapon. (how much the ‘smart scope’ zooms and such)
For the miscellaneous changes to Smart Scope regardless of my previous points, I would like to see (though admittedly it is a bit much) little such things as possible holographic projections of past bullet trajectories (only ones fired since scoping in, if you get knocked out of being scoped they disappear) to see both where your team and your enemies are firing from. This is just a neat little lore-ish addon that I would think to be neat.
Kill Cams:
I rather dislike kill cams, specially with the current coding/lag in which they make little sense, with myself not getting shot even once in a good amount of them but still taking damage. Instead, I would like to see kill cams completely gone and a small HUD element appear on the bottom of the screen of two Spartan graphics standing with feet together and arms outstretched to the side, with dots labeling where your enemy hit you and you hit your enemy, detailing the fatal shot and the weapon that did it, as well as how much health/shields they had left.
Start of match/end of match:
This one is short and sweet. Just intro the game with an announcement of the name of the gametype and a b****etter stat and medal screens after game. A less ‘sports celebratory’ ending and instead just have the Spartans of the winning team standing with a graphic above each of their head detailing their best medals and each of them holding the weapon that was their ‘tool of destruction’ for the match.
I like most of the audio for the game so far. My biggest complaints would be the announcer speaking slightly too often and the sound of the hit markers. The Spartan chatter, while sometimes useful and sometimes entertaining, is also annoying at times. So I would like less announcement of medals and nixing the sound of the hit markers, as well as the ability to toggle off Spartan chatter. Also, there should be no audio or visual ques for power weapon spawns.
Well, those are the big ones I can think of for now that should have their own categories. The following are just individual changes off the top of my head, since I’m short on time. I may add or modify more later.

  • Less bullet magnetism- Slight grenade nerf- Slight possible range nerf on AR and SMG, but very slight- Hit boxes seem too large (though that may be due to the bullet magnetism, so I am unsure)- Radar needs better filtering on what is below and above the player- Hydra seems to do splash damage though walls at times, which needs to be changed- Personally would like friendly fire to always be on
    Alright, that’s it for now. Overall I am still happy with the Halo 5 beta and look forward to further tests if they have them. If not, then I look forward to Halo 5 later this year. Cheers everyone, and happy gaming.

Good constitutive post, good review can agree with about a lot of things.

Though it could be lag instead of bullet magnetism, you never know for sure. Though I prefer ff off because of past experiences.
Don’t care much for the scoping. Other then that I agree.

While I agree there is a good amount of lag, there is definitely a severe amount of bullet magnetism in the game. I wasn’t too sure at first, but this really confirmed it. This is not my video FYI, it was on another thread.

Bullet Magnetism needs to go down, or base speed needs to go up. Strafing seems pretty ineffective imo. I feel like the Magnum is sufficiently hard to use while the BR is just…inconsistently easy/hard. I don’t know why, but it just feels off.

Hate sprint, but I don’t think it should drain shields.

My stand on the mechanics
Sprint: meh
ground pound: great but rarely used.
charge: good as a melee animation for sprint, but screws me over when trying to assasinate
smart scope: I am iffy about it but I never really used it for auto weapons.
thrusters: good concept, but execution is kind of bad.

> 2533274819302824;4:
> Bullet Magnetism needs to go down, or base speed needs to go up. Strafing seems pretty ineffective imo. I feel like the Magnum is sufficiently hard to use while the BR is just…inconsistently easy/hard. I don’t know why, but it just feels off.
> Hate sprint, but I don’t think it should drain shields.

I would agree with most of what you said. Though I can use the Magnum to great effect at about 15 feet, but that’s the sweetspot range for it.

Shield degredation through sprinting would promote even more camping than there already is with BR starts. Just stay in one spot and wait for someone to sprint by and 3 shot them since they are doing half the job for you already. Simply make shield recharge longer by 1 second and have thruster pause shield regeneration for 0.5 seconds