Alter Control Settings/Bindings Mechanic

Something I have found to be a lot of trouble as a console player is the bindings mechanic for Infinite. I tried my best to remake the classic Recon setting from Halo 3, but in turn am sacrificing other parts of the gameplay. For example, I have (Vehicles section) LT assigned for boosting. However, I cannot assign LT to plant a grenade in a boarded vehicle, and if I go to change it, I would have to remove the boosting function. The same goes for the new Drop Weapon feature. I intended to have right on the D-Pad be the action, but apparently that is to swap equipment in campaign. I am left not able to use some control mechanics because I simply do not have enough buttons on my controller to account for them all.
I feel like each section of the controls should be separated to where we can assign the same button to various mechanics (On foot, vehicles with its own subsections, campaign as its own thing, etc.), such as the ones mentioned before. I definitely feel like this benefits M&KB players more, since they obviously have much more options for bindings.
Thanks for your time!