Also does anyone know how to change your profile pic

Can someone tell me how to change my profile pic.

Your profile picture is pulled from your Xbox Live account. You cannot upload one here.


Oh ok. But that isn’t my profie pic its a master chief one not hot egirl.

What is your Gamertag?

I’m also experiencing an issue where my actual nickname [smok69kmk] is being displayed as “Kirbydog18” - but only as long as I’m in the forums, if I’m in the general overview my nickname, profile pic etc everything’s displayed correctly.

Huh I am using your account

@snickerdoodle ok I have my account back

It appears that somehow the poster above me and I are … “sharing” the same account.

I don’t think that’s supposed to happen.

It shows I am on my account

It seems like forum accounts are a bit separate, you can change your nickname to whatever you’d like on the forums.

Yeah, I swear I had someone else using my account (Which I can no longer get into, btw). Likes and posts were being made that I didn’t make. This was the account:

I can’t get back into it now for some reason, but I already entered my primary Microsoft email into it, which is in turn preventing me from being able to use my email for this account.

Additionally, in the security section I saw THREE simultaneous login sessions on that account - my own in Scotland, one in Texas and one in Massachusetts. I logged them all out, which also logged me out.


Sounds like a weird bug, but I do hope we get some avatars for the site.

Odd, when I change it on Xbox it doesn’t change it here. My Waypoint profile has a different name and icon now.

It may just take some time. It took a few hours for me to change my pfp on the Xbox App to register to my Xbox, so i assume it would be the same case here.

When I registered it pulled my old pic and my name was simply Yama, then used the Discouse app and it changed it to YamaMX but pulled my current icon. Very odd. Any way to change the name back? Thanks for the assistance.

I believe like others have said its pulled from your Xbox account.

Closing this off to save confusion as it has swayed away from the original discussion.

The issues of some users seeing incorrect accountsn is being trackednand investigated by 343 right now