Alright what the heck..

Just completed Ch1 of episode 5 without dying a single time the whole mission on normal as per the requirements for the achievement but I didnt get it… What the heck happened?

Wrong wording on the cheevo. Requires heroic or harder

You had to kill all prometheans before pushing that button underneath the slipspace portal. It was voided. Or you mustve played on normal. That was a Typo, you Have to Play on heroic. You can die, but you Have to save both both objectives otherwise if Theyre both Destroyed, you Fail. No worries, just wait til the Week before episode 6 comes out. Episode 5 playlist Will come Back. KILL ALL PROMETHEANS FIRST!

Ok so the achievement itself is worded 100% wrong? Figures. Wtf. so instead of “complete on normal or harder without dying” it actually means “complete on heroic or harder without losing the objectives”… Fail. Oh well, got a challenge and some commendations so i guess it was worth it.