Alright. So this could be a match on Halo XB1

If possible, I would like to see a LOT of different opinions on my opinion so we can make one big opinion most of us can agree to.

Halo Xbox One. A Slayer match. Out of the box.

Four Loadouts. BR,Carbine,DMR,Light Rifle as Primary Selections. AR,Storm Rifle,Suppressor,and Magnum for Secondary options.

Boltshot and Plasma Pistol are found on the map.

Armor Abilities are found on the map.

Personal Ordnance only drops Speed Boost 80% of the time, Damage Boost 20%.

You need seven kills for the Personal Ordnance, then ten, then thirteen, etc.

Movement speed is crisp, responsive. You can strafe effectively.

There is no sprint, but there is a new Armor Ability called Rush Belt. You can sprint for four seconds.

Your HUD is much more defined. You can see your primary and secondary. You have a small health bar underneath your Shield Bar that instantly refills after four seconds. The shield bar takes two seconds to recharge after the four second halt.
The motion sensor detects enemy and friend, along with vehicles and Ordnance.

Speaking of Ordnance, it has been updated to give a ten second view of it before it drops. You can have it spawn static or dynamic. Oh, and Camo is now a power up along with the Overshield instead of being an Armor Ability. How 'bout that?

This is a Slayer match, out of the box, in the Team Slayer playlist. It is the same settings for the Objective game types.

What do you think of this opinion?

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