Alright so I'm a bit behind... (Zero Bloom)

I took a lot of time off from Halo to play some other cools games I missed out on and so I didn’t keep up to date on this TU. I understand some changes will be made and I know what will be changed and so far I’m happy with the TU.

My question is around the “Zero Bloom” I keep hearing about. So far, I’ve caught on that you can use it on custom matches but will it be in MM or is it only in custom games?

Right now, it is simply a gametype that you can download from file shares and play in custom games.

On October 4, there will be public beta hopper playlists that have all of these changes- so basically, you enter matchmaking and play playlists that have all of these new TU changes applied.

The user above my post is correct. The changes being implemented are going to be used in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Which is why the title update and playlist is being added to Reach. Combat Evolved’s multiplayer will be on the Reach servers and play through Reach essentially, it’ll just be it’s own playlist.