Alright people...

I officially downloaded XBC. My username there is Illusive_Mang. Let me know if anyone ever wants to play some Halo CE or Halo 2. I never really got to play either of those in multiplayer (except the last week H2 was online), so I look forward to playing those games online soon with you guys.

My username is mini0013xx. XBC has a lot of FFA games, just to warn you.

But anyway, I’m occasionally on XBC, here and there, just to enjoy the pleasures of Halo 2 multiplayer as I recollect on memories of all the precious LAN games out there. Haven’t tried it on CE though. Next time there’s a host there I’ll try it.

Welcome to XBC, and enjoy your stay there. If you’re not a rager then you will have a good time.