Alright I get it now

So, 343 hired a LOT of contractors to build Infinite, and the production time was far greater than the contracts would allow… so for the last year or so there was mostly new people working on the current game.

Have you ever started a new job where the last person in your position had a weird process that they used and it takes you forever to catch up? That’s what a big chunk of 343i’s teams went through.
Not to mention, the slipspace engine is nearly in shambles and just barely works, and most of the people who built it haven’t worked there in months.

That’s all we needed to know. I, personally, am not unreasonable. Although I do think the decision to hire contractors instead of full-time devs for those key roles deserves a lot of criticism, especially since this is such a high-profile title.
Of course I’m still waiting on a proper playlist lineup, and new BTB maps, and Forge, but it isn’t the end of the world for me, as long as it’s being worked on. I’d rather avoid an Elite Dangerous situation where years pass with no updates and nobody knows why, but I don’t believe that 343i will be so negligent. Now that the biggest parts are done, perhaps the way forward is more clear.

I say we should be glad that it turned out as well as it did, and I hope the game continues to expand into its monumentally sized boots. It may be missing features, but the features it does have are really good.
Some people are going to jump in these comments screaming “Muh BR starts” or “Muh Co-op” and that’s okay.


I understand that might be the reason for the game not having things like Forge, certain modes or co-op, but it doesn’t really say much about the pricing of items, the difficult challenges, the mixed playlists or the very limited customization (especially the colors being locked or having to be bought).


That is a whole other argument lol.
At last reported revenue at 6 billion US dollars, I don’t understand the multiplayer store pricing at all.
That has less to do with the studio as a whole and more to do with whoever is in charge of marketing and monetization living in some cloud mansion looking down on us puny mortals. “Don’t they know this cloud mansion costs money? If I don’t mark up these armors and colors by %500 I’ll have to fire one of my 13 butlers to meet my yearly budget.”

I guess the reality is that they live in Seattle, Washington. Where the minimum wage is like $15 an hour and the cheapest smallest apartments are $1200 a month. So maybe they think their valuation of Electronic Merchandise is actually worth that much.


I’m not buying it.

Just like like construction sites, there are people that over see everything.

It’s 2021 and 343 has been at this since Halo 4. You can’t sit there and tell me how the game has been handled wasn’t planned.

Yes, companies will run into issues, but at the end of the day it all falls on who’s making the calls.


Did you know that Halo 2’s campaign was scrapped and Bungie had to rebuild it in basically 6 months?
Halo Infinite was also mostly scrapped two years ago and they had to rush to rebuild it, and they didn’t have the luxury of having all full-time staff with major stake in the company. What we saw in 2020’s promotional footage was a desperate cobbled-together version of Infinite, and at that time the contractors were about to have their contracts expire. For the last year it has been a smaller team but because of several managers leaving and having to hire new staff for entire teams … well, I’ll let you decide whether or not that would spell disaster.
343i has always been pretty disorganized and directionless. Add in the chaos of relying on contractors to get the bulk of the work done suddenly you’ve got missing features and broken features and features that nobody knows how to edit without breaking the entire thing because they can’t just ask Frank from UI design how the thing works because Frank from UI design is on vacation in Hawaii and don’t work there no more, lol.

Even in ideal circumstances, if you have to make changes to a game engine in the middle of a project that entirely relies on it, it can set everything back by weeks, if not months. It could potentially wreck entire builds and require a rebuild because nobody can find and fix the errors with so much compounding spaghetti mountain code. At that point it becomes a race against the clock. So many beloved features were cut to meet the 2021 holiday deadline, I doubt they originally intended to leave it this way.

BUT… but… How they can add and remove the Fiesta event in one week and not include an Arena Slayer playlist? I have no idea. THAT still reeks of corporate meddling.


So, what I don’t get is who wants to ask Frank from UI design how to edit the UI?
It should be the small (?) team that’s always there, but shouldn’t someone in that team know how to edit the UI?

I think it’s likely that Microsoft caused the game to turn out like it did by not giving them enough time and wanting a lot of money and more Xbox players from it, but I don’t think the developers who are still at 343 don’t know how to edit what’s there.

As you said, they turned the Fiesta event on/off, so someone there at least knows how to do that much.

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Try to not take this wrong, but as a customer, I don’t see where that should be our concern. It’s who made the call to scrap it and what other decision they made that put themself in that position in the first place. I don’t want to hear excuses anymore, I want to see action, and so far we have been getting mostly excuses. Bungie is famous when it comes to that that they scrapped the story in D1 and rebooted the game to sell it in pieces, just as 343 is doing now.

Seriously, they used the excuse that they have to pay for servers as a cause to turn this game into a cash shop. How much more does anyone need to know that that is pure BS?

The rest of what you said I believe I’ve covered that.


It’s not our fault that Microsoft or 343 didn’t manage the game correctly and rushed it out in an incomplete state, but I don’t think it’s good to not have sympathy for the people at 343 who didn’t make those decisions but are having the effort they put into the game criticized because of them.

I understand the desire for the problems to be fixed quickly since I’d like for all of the flaws to be resolved soon as well, but it would probably be a good idea to just wait a while, maybe a few months, and come back to see how things are going with the game by then.


100% agree,

It’s upper management that has always been the problem with most gaming companies these days. The devs are just doing their job, and to be honest if I was them, I’d be pissed off seeing how they have handled their work.


So, 343 hired a LOT of contractors to build Infinite, and the production time was far greater than the contracts would allow… so for the last year or so there was mostly new people working on the current game.

Is there a source for this? Because I’ve worked in the game industry for a decade and I’ve never heard of this ever happening. This would be like, the most insane project management failure of all time.

This just makes it worse. This means they released the game unfinished on purpose knowing it could’ve been better


Unfortunately, I doubt that being angry would do them much good.
They’d still see people complaining about their work, and they likely can’t say much to the higher ups.
Hopefully things improve for the game.


If you search for “Halo Infinite contractors”, you’ll probably see a few articles about the game being mismanaged, but I think Bloomberg’s article about Halo Infinite going from “Disaster to Triumph” is the one that originally had the more recent information about the game’s development.
Apparently, it’s been known and mentioned in articles since at least 2020, as far as I can see, that the development was muddled by 343’s management of the contractors that were hired.

The Bloomberg article says that Microsoft was rushing the game’s development because they wanted to use it to increase sales for the newest Xbox, that almost half of the staff working on the game was made up of contractors who could only work there for 18 months because of Microsoft’s restriction on contractors, and that the only reasons that the game was given more development time were the poor reception of the demo and Joseph Staten convincing Microsoft to let 343 have more time to fix the problems with the game.


Escapist Magazine posted an article called “Halo Infinite Reportedly Cut Two-Thirds of Planned Content Amid Tough Development

" Scope creep was apparently only one of several challenges 343 Industries faced. Staffing at the company was reportedly unstable at this time, with nearly half of the staff said to be contract workers, and a Microsoft policy prevented contractors to stay in one position for more than a year and a half. This paired with uneven creative direction had some developers describing development as “four to five games being developed simultaneously.” A lack of focus resulted in conflicting visions for Halo Infinite ."

And yeah, oh yeah. Major lack of discipline and direction among management, as well as strict requirements from Microsoft execs.


Yes there was talk of excessive contracting for Infinite last year. Wasn’t looking good at the time. I’m glad it turned out as well as it did.
Because honestly it’s FUN. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s fun. In terms of core mechanics and weapon-feel, Ininite is my favorite Halo Multiplayer standing between Halo 3 and Reach. And it would probably be my favorite of all time if it weren’t for the excessively pricey monetization and lack of playlists, or the miscellaneous shenanigans like getting into a 3v4 in ranked for some reason.
I haven’t bought the campaign yet (Money’s tight right now and I won’t have much time for it anyway until New Years.) so I can’t speak to it.


I agree, though there are also seem to be some problems with certain gameplay elements and some balancing.
I’m probably not going to buy the campaign at all considering that it sounds like the open world isn’t being used very well, and the story isn’t that great it seems, but I might buy the Battle Pass if or when they get things fixed and more reasonably priced.

Campaign has been a lot of fun, well worth it.

Also has more guns to play with and cosmetics for multiplayer.

That does not excuse the microtransactions Microsoft is a huge billion dollar company i don’t see why they couldn’t hire more people or transfer them from other projects…

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That is what I’ve heard. It sounds like it’s at least better than Halo 4’s campaign and that’s good enough for me. Nothing’s ever going to compare to Halo CE or Halo 2, those two were filled to the brim with intrigue and fun segments and were the work of a small team of highly motivated creative geniuses.

But the armor coatings you get from the campaign…
Gee! $50 worth of cosmetics in the $60 campaign! What a deal! Lol
I do admit the campaign-earned armor coatings are pretty cool, though. Especially that shiny red.

You do not want to do that. It’s important that the developers working on your game actually want to work on your game. That was what went wrong in Halo 4’s multiplayer, most of those guys were COD fans and not Halo fans, the studio just hired whoever. You can’t just rip them off of their current projects to do stuff in another project and expect flawless results. Err… well… you can but it’s idiotic to do so.

Also more people does not equal better product. In 343’s case, more people equals more confusion and mismanagement.

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