Already sick of the AR/pistol meta

In most cases picking up a weapon off of a rack is a downgrade. The AR pistol combo is too powerful to allow the sandbox to flourish.

AR specifics:
The headshot multiplier should be removed. This is a complete luck mechanic. Any range that you’re using an AR and feathering shots, you’re not aiming for their head since their entire body takes up the reticle space. If you’re up close enough, you’re not feathering your shots for a headshot. The result is that randomly you’ll get a headshot multiplier while spraying and that does not seem like a good mechanic to me. Someone have a reasonable explanation to keep this in? I can’t think of one.

Pistol specifics:
This is pre-title update reach all over again. I get that the INTENT is for people to pace their shots but if you do you’ll get outshot by a spammer 5 times out of 10. The actual bloom resets quicker than reach so don’t confuse my gripe with that. My issue is that spamming is sometimes rewarded by design. Yet again another luck mechanic. Okay the intent is to have this as a cleanup weapon. There are few weapons on the maps that warrant picking up over the pistol. There is usually only 1 BR spawn on arena maps and sometimes none. If your teammate grabs it first, you’re not swapping your pistol for a pulse carbine, plasma pistol or a ravager. Maybe you are but you’ll get spammed by some dude with a pistol or AR and lose the fight. I guess ultimately, the intent of this weapon is not the outcome. Just jump into matchmaking and you’ll hear pistols being spammed not paced in every match. Much like it was in Reach.

Remove the AR headshot multiplier. Remove the random luck mechanics. No one enjoys bloom.

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Just play ranked if you dislike AR/pistol. Then if you get sick of the BR meta, you can switch back.


I agree, if the random weapon spawns don’t have a BR I pick up no weapons all game, I’m getting a little bored. AR is better than the commando in almost every situation

I should have expected the jUsT pLaY rAnKeD comments.

Sure ranked has BR starts but it’s already sweaty af. Sometimes you just wanna chill and not have to deal with BS luck based game mechanics.

They have fairly strict SBMM in social too. It’s all a sweat fest baby. Just like Halo 5.

BTB (or bots) is the only real escape from it.


Yeah they need to buff all the other weapons, when even a power weapon is useless compared to the AR something is wrong.

Yeah, I think having the AR and Pistol each be more viable than say Halo 3 is nice but they are just a bit too versatile imo. It’s so weird to me that they nerfed the Commando at launch which was already harder to use than the AR. As mentioned I find myself skipping over a lot of the wall weapons because my AR and pistol combo is good enough outside of very strong stuff like the SPNKR or Sniper.