Already seeing mods and hacks

Already seeing PC modders and hackers and still no way to disable cross-play…
Was only a matter of time for hackers but they are already here
Just matched against someone with noticeably increased speed (including grav hammer swing speed) and he always had grapple even fresh off spawn… flying around the map the whole time like a -Yoink!- spider monkey


Came across my first cheater today.

We can’t disable crossplay because 343i either forgot or want to force people to keep the crossplay population high, regardless, it’s silly that it’s not available.

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That’s hilarious though.

I guess I’m.not mad because I’m not big on HI’s MP and so there’s nothing for hackers to really ruin for me.

I kid you not but thats a bug… i had this happen to me when i spawned so i mean i dont think its hacks/modding as there are no tools to mod infinite or no CCS Cheat engine coding for it yet… and i am a modder so ye i think you seeing bugs dude