Already raging over Halo 4?

I am just trying to get a look at who’s already raging over what we’ve been told? Who feels already sold on Halo 4? Who is waiting for more information? Also comment with why you voted for what if you wish.

I paid for my copy of Halo 4. Even if I don’t agree with the changes and the direction they’re taking with it I still want to see how the story continues/goes.

I already bought it. Months before the the trailer, and I most likely will buy it. But if it is the same situation that we had with Reach, I’ll return it and that will be it for new Halo games for me

Depending on how the multiplayer shapes up, i will most likely buy a pre-owned copy solely to experience the campaign.

After Reach, i refuse to pay full price simply to feel like a chump. While i do have several concern’s on how Halo 4 multiplayer will work i am just waiting until i have enough information before i come to a conclusion.

I’m waiting for more info. See how the BR plays out and any other precision rifles they’ve added in. I want more info on the campaign, forge, theater and anything else if they have added to it.

Just want to get info on new things really. I know the story will be pretty solid.

BUT, I do not want to be hit by the hype train again like I did for ODST and Reach.

I am raging at these perk/custom load out concepts. I will however wait for more info before I decide to give up on halo completely…

I feel like going on a splatter spree!!!

> I feel like going on a splatter spree!!!

Or a vehicle manslaughter? :stuck_out_tongue: