Already done

Might come back when the radar resembles something functional and BR starts are added back.

Im honestly shocked more people aren’t refusing to play this game until they fix the aiming system. The enormous deadzones mixed with wayyyyyyy too much acceleration is terrible. There is serious lack of fine control that ends with a lot of my strafe dancing having no reticle movement at all because the muscle memory keeps trying to do fine adjustments which are literally impossible right now.

Oh and dont bother saying adjust. I’m not going to adjust to a broken controller optimization in a franchise I have been playing for 15 years.

I’m still playing because I WANT to love this game, because it’s Halo, but I’m really, really hating, partly for the control issues you mentioned.

I’m playing bf4. I’m playing bf4 when I should be playing halo 5. I just can’t with the aiming. Feels bad man