I’ve been playing halo since the release of halo 3 and for the first time i have been bored with the game. Not enough maps in team slayer and no team doubles which is the reason i play halo. Something new better come out soon. I can care less about unlocking new armor

If you’re bored of Halo play a different game for a while, then come back when more maps are thrown in. CoD BO 2 came out recently if you have $60 and want a good fps to play.

So what? I’ve been playing since CE. Like several other thousands of players. It doesn’t making you special where you start whether that is CE, 2, 3 or whatever. I don’t see why this crutch opening makes an argument or complaint any more valid (or invalid)

I am not quite bored just yet. Maybe a little but i am in for the duration. If you are bored with Halo 4 though, play a different game and come back later. Nothing wrong with that because having only Halo to play WOULD be boring lol.

You know what’s boring me? ONE SP PER RANK. Also teleporting around the map and not being able to kill anyone.

If you’re playing with randoms, then I can understand your boredom. If you’re playing with friends, and still bored, I don’t understand. For me, this is the best Halo I’ve played yet.

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