Already bored of H4 multiplayer? Reply here.

No ranks? Stupid mistake. Sure they’re adding the feature (NEXT YEAR) but it will only be shown on Waypoint. Who uses Waypoint? (crickets…)

Without ranking, matching moves from competitive to social. And by social I mean its like a tea party in the Barbie mansion. A bunch of -Yoink!- plastic dolls sitting around sipping tea and then BOOM I come in with my BR and rip everyone apart. Sure its fun for me, but even I get bored after about 20 minutes of completely annihilating everyone in the game.

No good maps? What are there like 4 maps for team slayer? (the most popular playlist by a long shot in every Halo game) Lame. Not to mention most of the new maps are terrible.

When Halo 2 came out I played it for 10 straight hours - went to class (I had to take a quiz) - came home - and played it more! When Halo 3 came out I played for about 8 hours straight and the same for Reach. Halo 4? I played for 1 hour 6 minutes, got bored and went to bed.

I am not bored with the game but I do have to agree on the maps. I could definitely see myself getting bored in two weeks playing the same 3-4 maps over and over.

In regards to multiplayer I have to agree.

Ranked Matchmaking - This should have been included on day one for so many reasons. Sure there is an update for “early next year” but I can’t believe they were so hard headed to ignore the most important driving force that keeps players investing time and playing thousands of hours online. And to those muttering “why does it matter if there is a # next to your name”? Here is why - the so called hidden “true-skill” system that 343 stated would match you with players of similar skill is a complete joke. I have logged over 60 matches and 3 of them have been close. Simply put, you are randomly matched with other players! As if altering the gameplay to be Call of Duty wasn’t enough, they had to replicate the lazy generic unranked matchmaking as well. Matches are extremely boring and one sided, there is never a challenge. My team always has twice the others in kills and CTF games always end 5-0. I can see how casuals out there will be turned off from Halo once they face my party of 4, but then again many of them were the ones who wouldn’t shut their mouths on these forums about how ranked matchmaking didn’t matter. I wonder if their opinions have changed now that myself (and many other talented players) have mopped the floor with them rather than being matched against me? Oh and trust me, I’m sure to let them know at the end of every game how much my team just destroyed them and that they should come whine on these forums about it. I really don’t see myself playing multiplayer much longer until the update takes effect, it’s to easy.

Lastly I would like to touch on the maps. To keep it brief they are all far to large. Every map in Halo 4 would be considered a BTB map in Halo 1-3. Along with each of them being bigger than the Halo world itself, they are also cluttered with useless junk everywhere, this is not only an annoyance but obstructs your field of view on many areas of the maps. Take our advice 343, toss every “new exciting” map from your first map pack out the window and do all remakes. All 3 map packs should be nothing but remakes, this will help balance out the horrible maps from launch. Look at Halo 1-3, there are so many iconic maps (Midship, Lockout, Hang Em High, Beavercreek, Zanzibar, Ascension, The Pit, Construct, Guardian, and many more) Notice how I didn’t list 1 map from Reach? Thats because they were all oversized and slowed the pace of the matches! With Halo 4 you used the same formula for your maps, this was a horrible decision.

With all that said I am still very pleased with Halo 4, but your maps for launch were poorly designed and those who made them should be held accountable or at the very least play the first 3 Halo’s again to realize what makes multiplayer maps so great. Focus more on simplicity rather than trying to make fans ohh and awe over the number of crates, trees, and other garbage you have placed throughout your enormous maps. Your map packs could be so easy, just replicate previous maps! You were able to do it with Ragnorvok and its easily the biggest hit on Halo 4 and plays better than any other map in Halo 4.