Alpha Squad, Now Recruiting


As you know I am DrThaddeus. I have been a clan/squad leader going on 5 years now. I have solid leadership skills and the game play skills to back those up. I am a team player and work well with everyone. Halo to me is more like a game of chess if anything. I love strategies.


We are an elite group of Halo players (since Halo 3). We are not saying we are the best and we win 100% of our matches but we win a majority of them and we are organize, we communicate, and like to have fun. We are a family. We have been together for about 5 years now. We primary play Big Team Battle, and Infinity Slayer. But we do go into other playlist once in a while. We all wear a united emblem and we all wear the same colors. Our primary objective in any game is winning. My squad members have specialized jobs so they know what to do with me issuing orders or before the match begins.


Summer is the primary time to find good players that like to play a lot. Our numbers are also below what I want them to be. I call it a squad for a reason though. I keep my squad small and elite. So everyone knows everyone’s style of game play and we can work as a team.


I have no problem with young players just be mature. Know what you like to do and focus on that. This helps the team win. Be a team player. Have fun. Be skillful (know how to use a DMR or Br, use strategies, not just run and gun). Have a mic.

In Alpha Squad there are no ranks everyone is equal. I lead the team and the team follows my orders. I am also willing to listen to suggests though. Everyone has a voice in Alpha Squad.

If this sounds like the place to you then message me DrThaddeus or TheKingDrums on Xbox Live and we can go from there.

Remember, Don’t make a girl a promise you can’t keep.