Alpha Pack Event & Store disappointing

Welp. I booted up Infinite to look at the Event and as much as I want the Morrigan helmet, can’t say I’m excited.

First, is the lore in the news tab. For 343 trying to claim that “These story events focus on your MP spartan” and “Campaign is a chief story which is why your MP Spartan won’t show up in co-op” Meanwhile, the last Spartan story that was tailor made to focus on our custom Spartan was Halo 4’s Spartan Ops. Your multiplayer Spartans are Fireteam Crimson. Apparently Eklund was actually one of the people in Fireteam Crimson. So I guess “our Spartan” in Spartan Ops didn’t actually matter. How am I supposed to take this story seriously when you’re re-writing the last story? Sure, maybe Eklund got shuffled out of Crimson before your Spartan got there, but you could have used any un-used Fireteam name to use the same intended effect. Instead using Crimson is like telling us “Sorry, that story didn’t matter, but we promise this one will!” Why should I care when you can just re-write and undo your story at every turn?

Second, the new cutscene. At least there was a reason for the last one. Trapping the Iratus AI, but this event is literally “Can I watch you play LSS?” there is even less agency than the last event. And what about Spartan Dinh? Why is there so much focus on Eklund? She wasn’t the one comatosed by an AI! Why doesn’t Dinh get some spotlight? Maybe while he is recovering he wants to watch you so he can give some tips while he can’t get out of the med bay? Sure, still not much excitement, but if you spent any time in a hospital you’re desperate for something to do. I can identify with that at least.

Third, the event items themselves are basic. I love the helmet, and you have your hearts set on only 2 weeks and 10 items, but it is so clear that items are being split into pieces. Shoulders being the most blatant. But the Tacstar Model 2490 and the trapmaster’s map effect clearly go together. They line up as one device and the effect isn’t special enough to warrant being its own effect. Also another black and red coating. I love black and red, but we already have too many black and red weapon coatings. I have Crimson Skyed, why in the world would I want Fire Gunmetal? Especially when it is only for the BR and not the rest of the guns! And why are Helmet exclusive attachments not included with the helmet? It is padding otu mroe slots (the attachment isn’t that good anyway) we could have had a new chest attachment, or knee pads, something else at least.

Finally is the store. Celox is still expensive. So is Perfect sublmimity. But was nothing learned from the firefall helmet? The Cambion is $7! A helmet and its unique attachments (meaning it can’t go onto other helmets) and an emblem (still split into 4 to make it look better than it is) Should not cost more than half of the battle pass. It is easily a $3 pack at most. Again, I don’t care if other games are more expensive in comparison, I don’t play them. I play Halo Infinite. If I feel these prices are too high, then that’s how I feel and I won’t buy over-priced bundles. Lucky #7 for 7 wasted dollars it feels like.

As for LSS, glad the map rotation expanded, but the changes made the mode worse. Got rid of the mangler (which already feels like 343 hates the gun.) you get the sidekick too early because it is better than the AR at range and does better than the commando in general. And players can still just save up points until they get the BR. The changes feel tone-deaf to the people who still want to play Infinite.

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I literally played a couple of matches and logged out before I even unlocked anything. This game just isn’t any fun. And the monetization and progress based solely on linearly unlocked cosmetics via challenges makes the game a chore.

I think I won’t be back on Infinite multiplayer again until at least next season. FOMO isn’t gonna work on me. And it’s actually just turning me off this game entirely.

Think of better ways to engage your players. Cosmetic based progression and monetization is killing player interest in video games.


Personally if I was to keep the cutscene we got I would’ve preferred if it started with you talking with Dinh, perhaps making sure he’s ok and he’s like “hey, go talk with Eklund she wants to speak with you at the Firing Range”, if only to acknowledge his existence. But I do think I prefer what you suggested when it comes to the… Lackluster cutscene.

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I know. Its like “Oh no Dinh, the guy on the front of our marketing is hurt, you need to help him” to
“Dinh who? What are you talking about?”
Its like this lone wolves story is more of a Spartan Eklund story now.

Yeah, they made him into a glorified plot whatchamacallit. Like they forgot he existed. Hell they sold his coating, rather than put it into the actual season pass.
Though it’s not like we care much about LWWSTCA #1 and #2 (Lone Wolves We’re Supposed To Care About) to begin with.
Like it’s almost as if they ran out of budget or didn’t have an actual voice actor for him, or both, maybe some other fourth reason.

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I barely even noticed the event happened. The cut scene was like 20 seconds long and the pass was completed in 5 games. It isn’t really a story is it? It is just a few sentences about the fact that you are a lone wolf. I liked the cosmetics though, but you can’t really call it a narrative storyline if there isn’t really a story.


The only thing I disliked honestly is the fact that the only thing in the store that looked good was that one Red and Black Coat that was bared off behind a bundle. Everything else the in Bundle is stuff I’d never would consider using, so if I actually wanted that coat I’d have to buy all of the baggage that went with it.

Luckily I still prefer my Yellow and Blue Coat better from the Funko Pop Promo waaaaay more still…

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I haven’t skipped anything yet but I’m planning on skipping this. Not sure if they changed anything with the LSS challenges, but last time they were really poorly thought out and took forever.

At least for Entrenched the event challenges were simple and pretty easy to complete for those that didn’t enjoy playing Land Grab. Things like capture 10 zones in Land Grab as compared to getting 10 backsmacks in LSS.

None of the cosmetics in the event pass are that great so this one is a hard pass for me.