Almost one month

So it’s been almost a month since release and I’ve stuck through all the mayhem despite getting furious over the game. It’s gotten better but when are you gonna stop making matches start as 5v5, that’s very frustrating. There’s way too many guys boosting and about 99% of my matches there’s one or two guys on each team who quits out to boost they’re skill rank. A fix for that would be great and when can we see dedicated servers return, my connection in matches has gotten better but still sometimes it’s laggy.

I honestly wouldn’r worry about the Boosters, as soon as Dedicated Servers are up and runing, they’ll probably start hammering down on the Boosters and we may even get JIP?

I’m still pretty disappointed the game is in the state it is given almost a month has gone past it’s release date.
Having a hard time wanting to play when there is so much lag/afkers/leavers/boosters etc, amongst all the bugs.