Almost have that Breach Stance...

Hello everyone. I am posting because I have spent the last few hundred war games I have played trying to get the Breach Stance. (UNSC Ordnance Mastery)

It’s coming quite nicely actually.

Shotgun- Finished
SAW- Finished
Sticky Detonator- Finished
Sniper- 220/250, will finish in Team Snipers with little trouble
Rocket Launcher- 210/250, will finish in Dominion with little trouble
Railgun- 240/250, practically done
Spartan Laser- 100/250

As you can see, I am almost finished, except one weapon has been a major problem. The Spartan Laser has been the focus of my gameplay lately, and I have few kills with it compared to the other weapons. If anyone could throw me some pointers on how to make more kills with this weapon, please do.

AND, if anyone wants tips with any of the other weapons, I am happy to share.

I just unlocked the Assault Stance few days ago but the otherI really also want to Go for is the " Believe Stance " thats my Target =)

Yeah, that’s pretty tough. I’ve been working on it for a while, however I don’t have any of the UNSC ordinance maxed out yet. Haha! Well, I’m also working on getting the Assault stance (currently 17/50 first strikes on Mastery to to get it) and the Believe stance (Almost a Scattershot master, and I’m 1 step lower for the others). Pretty tough, but they’re all cool.

Wow, nice work. I will follow this thread as the Spartan Laser is something I’m having trouble with as well.

Dominion. once you get your hands on one, head towards the side of the map on whatever base the opposing team captured.

exile- wait for resupply,then just bring the spartan laser around Bravo, i usually end up getting double kills with it. you could also camp in the caves across the banshee terminal, you will have a clear sight of Base A and B.

longbow- quickly grab the warthog and drive towards the spartan laser spawn on bravo. depending on which base the opposing team captured, go on on their side of the map highly recommend to stay far.

Thank you, that was exactly the kind of advice I was hoping for.

And several people here mentioned the Assault Stance. I’m not really trying for that one, but I am at about 25/50 on the mastery level. That stance is cool, but it obscures most of your character’s body, so I’m not all that into it.

breach stance requirements

What has worked for me is staying in one of the bases you control. Longbow and Exile work best for this.

Exile: Hold Alpha. It’s easily the most difficult base to attack, and with resupplies, you are practically unstoppable. Make sure you have at least one close up weapon at all times, and pick people off as they enter. Then, use the Laser to kill people running straight across the map.

Longbow: Hold Alpha. It has the best sightlines to the rest of the map, and you can easily get on top of the base (vs. Charlie, which is more difficult). Again, make sure you have something like Rockets or a SAW at all times.

If you want, you can move over to Charlie occasionally and climb on the rock structure in center mid. That lets you see the spawn points by Alpha.

Another tip: Use Ammo perk. It gives you 6 shots per Laser, which is a HUGE help. I racked up more than 100 kills in Dominion with the Laser in just a few days.

Final tip: Learn how to use it effectively. Be very patient and try to hold the gun steady. Don’t swing it, and only shoot it you know you have a high probability of hitting the target. I’ve found the Laser to be very inaccurate from range, but when you learn when you can and can’t use it, the ammo becomes more plentiful as you’re saving shots.

Hope that helps. If you could throw some Sticky Det tips my way, I’d appreciate it. I need the most kills in Railgun, but the Action Sack playlist should alleviate that. Sticky Det is my most difficult now, and I need 200+ kills.