Almost fun to play now

I enjoyed social slayer so much I almost forgot about the challenges, then I realized I have to stop playing it so I can do tactical slayer for the challenge, like 6 different times. When I’m not doing that I’m stuck chasing Team slayer from the challenges. Tactical Slayer is no supposed to be some forced or mainstream thing, it’s a niche play style that differs greatly from the Halo format. I like it at times, it a great way to practice head shots, but it’s not real Halo. Halo is grenade, shoot, melee as the basic form of combat. At least when I’m pulled from social slayer into team slayer it’s still Halo. Don’t give me something fun to play then make it so I can’t play it because of your garbage challenges.

Yea hopefully we can lose game type specific challenges, except for maybe event related things if they continue to push timed events obviously. I usually swap out anything higher than 2500 pts in a playlist that I don’t like.

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