Almost Full Company Looking For Active WZ Players

The Blue Dream Team

With only a couple spots left were looking for people that play a lot (active) and are at least a rank 100+ or Onyx+ msg Happy Hour H3r0 or search The Blue Dream Team. If your interested hit me up to join the fun :slight_smile: A lot of our squad including myself has/had a champion. The company was originally for friends only so if you were denied or removed like right when we started your welcome to join and stay as long as you like now if your active. We mostly play Arena/Customs but have been gettting down on some Warzone A lot more often. The company is looking to start some Warzone squads now tho and really needs people that grind Warzone. Most of our players play a lot and are all pretty cool so yea just let me know if that sounds like it would be something you would dig.

If you don’t quite make the cut we have a new sub division and are keepin it casual The Blue Dream Team V2 has plenty of spots :slight_smile: