Almost Finished with the Battle Pass,now what?

So after starting with the slow progression it went into high gears, i got the basic battle pass(10Euro) did not spend a single cent to level up and used 2 exp booster’s total, i went full onto challenges and lost kills and matches for that and lost a bit of fun also for these and i don’t say i play a lot, like 1 hour, 2 hours maximum per day and rarely i skip and do 3 bot matches and stop…so now what? At least give as some more maps for i don’t know what to do in the game now…

Just play some BTB.
Play for fun.
Visit the shop.
Enjoy the non-ranked progression system.
Try out our new melee casino.
Try some more BTB on up to three (3!) maps.
Ask yourself why you where hyped in the first place.
Play a “fun” round or two of the “fun” event.
Accept that 343i found a way to even dissapoint you, although they put out their best Halo game yet.
Then try loading some more BTB, because it’s the only fun mode, then cry yourself to sleep.


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I finished the battle-pass a couple weeks ago, and asked the same question. A lot of people will say play ranked, but the ranked playlist right now can be really frustrating. It’s inconsistent with the matchups, and the way the system measures how much progression you gain on a win vs the huge amounts you lose on a loss, feels extremely punishing.

Tenrai has been improved, but the game needs more maps, weapons, a complete overall of ranked progression and an XP system that is rewarding skill rather than challenge-completion. Not to mention improvements to servers, melee and BTB. I’m very optimistic it’ll get there, and I love playing the game. Just a matter of time.