Almost every weapon needs to be fixed

I have been playing Halo since Combat Evolved. I have played thousands of hours in Halo multiplayer across all of the games combined. Especially Halo 3, in which I think the last time I checked I had around 4k games played in custom games alone.

As of right now my biggest complaint is the weapons. And everyone that I have played with has the same issue.
Instead of going into a lot of detail, I am going to name each weapon that I think needs to be fixed, and state exactly what needs to be fixed. I just hope this gets seen by someone who can actually help get it fixed.

The MA40 AR: Lacks damage output. It should not take an entire mag to kill an enemy at close range. At medium range its useless.

The CQS48 Bulldog: get rid of it and bring back the pump or make it have the damage, range, and fire rate of the pump. It should be a one hit kill at close range to combat the sword.

The Gravity Hammer: Increase the swing speed, decrease the damage range, add more gravity ripple effect.

The M41 SPNKr: Increase the rocket speed, increase the explosion radius to match the current gravity hammer radius. I have literally shot people’s feet and not got a kill with it.

The Mangler: just drop it and replace it with the Halo 3 Spiker. It’s terrible.

The Plasma Pistol: it doesn’t EMP vehicles anymore? Seriously? Whoever had that idea needs to be fired. Why would you do that?

The Pulse Carbine: Absolutely trash. Double the damage or drop it and bring back the Plasma Rifle.

The Ravager: Does this even kill? It should be a 2 burst kill or a one hit charged shot kill. It’s basically a plasma pistol that shoots slower.

The Sentinal Beam: Cut the recoil in half or put the damage at 70% and make it have almost no recoil.

The VK78 Commando: WE’RE SUPERSOLDIERS. It’s not a handheld mac cannon. Drop the recoil by at least half. Why does it immediately want to aim at the sky when a 7 foot tall, tank flipping, orbit diving spartan shoots it?

The Stalker Rifle: just make it shoot like the beam rifle and call it a day.

The Hydra: why does this take so long to kill when shooting an enemy directly. This should be a 3 hit kill to an enemy on foot.