Almost Every Gun Has a Purpose Except

The pulse carbine… Honestly trying to find a single situation where it is useful. It can’t do long range, mid range the lock on feature can be dodged by a side step, and up close even if you’re aiming right at the enemy the lock on curves the bullets away from them.

I didn’t realize how useless this gun is until I had to get 10 kills with it for a challenge. Add that to your fixes 343.


Yeah, it’s garbage. I see it being good in campaign but in multiplayer I’d pick up anything over it.

Maybe even just remove it from MP. Waste of a weapon slot.


The pulse carbine is weird in that in the hands of most people it’s useless but in the hands of bots it absolutely wrecks at least in my experience anyway


The most useless gun to ever exist in a Halo game!!!

Pulse Carvine is a beast its actually a mid range weapon with a homing trait. It beats the AR at Mid and loses to it up close. Just gotta know how to use the weapons man.
Think of it like a fusion of the storm rifle and the Carbine.
Carbine damage and range with Storm rifle burst. With a tracking mechanic

med range, the weapon is designed for medium range wait for the redical to turn red and fire it will track 3 burst kill a spartan.

It is also one of the few weapons to red ring on PC, so yeah it is good.

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I agree it’s not great but I do feel it has a small purpose. An assist machine. If you’re playing strongholds it’s quite useful to drain the shields of everyone to one hit kill with the homing plasma
But yeah I’d still prefer a BR lol

It’s for BR range if you don’t have a BR, it tracks targets if the reticle is red while you fire, some people call it almost a power weapon, but it is definitely odd to get used to.

At mid range the projectiles can easily be out maneuvered so I even if I’m 100% accurate you still don’t get the kill. Maybe increase the speed and lower the tracking would be a good fix.

The pulse carbine has homing shots that’s better used at medium to long range over short range…


Thank you but they can easily be dodged at medium to long range making it not a viable weapon in upper skill halo matches

I found it useful the only gun i see that is totally useless is the plasma pistol which is kinda replaced by the disruptor which serves as a slower plasma pistol.

I land my shots with it. Amazing gun. I just want the carbine and dmr back tho

Plasma pistol is great for instantly removing overshields and regular shields in one blast. Disruptor is slower because it can paralyze vehicles and keep spartan’s sheilds down much longer thanks to the continued damage as a balancing act.

Plasma Carbine has no top advantage over any weapon.

It’s a decent gun, but you will lose every single fight with someone using default loadout.
Pulse Carbine’s effective range is also within the threat range of Sidekick spam and AR spray, which are both more deadly and faster TTK than Pulse Carbine.

Pulse Carbine’s burst fire mechanic actually sabotages itself from being a decent mid ranged dueling weapon.

I do wish they either sped up the projectile speed so I can fire a burst, duck for cover, fire another burst or that they made it a longer burst of bolts, like from 5 shots in a burst to 10, with 3 bursts leading it to overheat. Since venting is a mechanic now, this can be done to improve its lethality in the sandbox.

I love that the internet thinks this gun sucks, because it’s always there for me to pickup and own with.

You’re never going to get many kills with the pulse carbine. It’s probably the best long range shield remover (shield stri pper is a filtered word apparently) in the game that’s not a sniper though.

Fire 1 burst, switch to pistol/BR/Commando while three plasma is enroute, profit from headshot.

This gun it’s essentially the new noob combo imo

Agree with this, however someone was destroying my team with it last night so don’t know if it’s had a stealth buff? (he wasn’t switching to another weapon to finish off kills either)

It’s only good with controller Aim Assist, otherwise it’s worthless

Why does everyone hate this gun? A melts people at mid range and is probably one of my favorites to the point that I pick it up over most UNSC weapons.

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