Ally merge or join

hey the 17th attack battalion is open to players over the age of 14. Must also have a mic. If you wanna merge your clan into ours message me and I’ll send it to a higher up. If you want to ally then you can message me.

Im the first frontier chief of the Unitary Fleet. I would like to ask how many members you have

Hey, the Spartan Company I am in has a strong amount of active members message me if you’re interested in merging with us

Ordained: I think that he wants you to merge with him, not the other way around.

Valiant: I am a member of a clan that is currently one of the best and brightest clans in the Halo community. I am also a hypocrite. (look above). We are called Epsilon Fleet. (we’re not all hypocrites, mostly me.) Right now EF has around 200 registered members. We have a unique organizational system specifically designed to cater to squads of 4, 6, 8, or 12. Squads help our members to pick their battles and choose what they want to do within the Fleet. Now, if you decide to merge with us, you’re going to get a pretty sweet deal. You get to use our wonderfully designed and carefully maintained website. You get to work with some of the finest members of the community. You might even get a chance to become one of EF’s greatest leaders and help propel our clan to even greater heights. I’m not going to sugar coat things here. This is what you have to lose:

  1. A little bit of freedom. I’m talking YOU personally Valiant, along with TheTravelerNY. You won’t be able to accept applications to the clan (you can request someone to your squad or recruit someone), you wont be able to declare war against other clans or ally with them (but you can refer them.), and you wont be able to choose a clan website (we already have one, so that’s kind of a pro).
  2. Some pride. You wont be able to say that you started a massive Halo clan, but you can help to shape one. In reality, that’s just as good.

What you gain from joining us:

  1. Website. We use, a website designed specifically to keep order, stability, and helpful communication. It has pretty graphics, along with wonderful people.
  2. Maps. EF has a lot of decent forgers, with lots of clan and other maps.
  3. Organization. You guys can keep your own emblem, members, and have nearly full autonomy. In the meantime our other squads and administrators will help to keep your squad alive, healthy, and growing.
  4. Clan wars. We definitely have enough able, eager, and willing members to win any clan war against any but the literal best and most competitive clans around. Probably the top 10 or so. In addition to that, you don’t have to fight unless you sign up.
  5. Game nights. We have a gamenight every Friday night, normally with a full lobby and one that’s about 3/4ths full. We have the maps, gametypes, and ample the members. Enough said.
  6. Recruiting. We still expect squads to recruit, but a lot of our members recruit more than enough new members to cover for you if you have a bad week or something.
  7. Machinimas, montages, forge videos, etc… We have a propaganda team currently in the works, and our first video should be up early this week, if not the weekend.
  8. Respect. As a clan, we can offer you the respect and good treatment you deserve. We don’t make decisions that negatively affect other squads. We will certainly treat you with infinitely more respect than our leaders’ love life. (Don’t ask.)
  9. Pride. As a squad, you can grow to become better than you probably could as a clan. We have the our clan resources and experience to catapult you to greatness.

If you still aren’t interested in joining us after that Great Wall of text, I don’t know what to tell you other than to vote for Trump. If you are interested, message me (FlamingBaconMK) or register for the clan at

P.S. If you really don’t want to merge, you can ally with us. In that case, contact me through Xbox.

I am a representative of this clan and they would like to merge.

Alright. There is a very simple process for signing up. Just go to and click “register” in the top left corner. For anyone to join, they must register themselves on the website, otherwise we won’t know that they are in the clan. Feel free to ask me any question through Xbox (FlamingBaconMK) or on here. Thank you.