Allowing Members to Post Images/Links

Allow Members to Post Images in their Posts

I understand that 343i is trying to prevent people from posting nsfw content but let members with a high trust level post images. There have been so many times I wish I could post an image or link that has information in it to someone but I have to manually type it all out, creating a wall of text, or I might not even bother at all. Also, you can’t even link articles from Halowaypoint itself which is odd, because I see a lot of people who are looking for information that was addressed in a recent update.

Trust Levels

I think at trust level 3 you should be able to send/post links. At trust level 4 or higher you should be allowed to post images that contribute to the conversation.

Would like to know what you think about this @snickerdoodle also are there any plans to further improve the forums? For some reason, I can’t edit my service awards on PC but I can on my phone. Thanks!

Agreed. I was trying to post my reading order the other day to someone else and I couldn’t post my pdf, image or link to download… so I ended up writing it down. Took me forever!

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I understand not allowing links for new members, but it would be a life safer for higher trusted members to post links. I loved that from the old forums (links to other threads, waypoint news articles, tweets, game clips). I honestly don’t remember ever coming across anything inappropriate.

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