Allow us to back out of the "Searching for Players

This is super annoying. If one person in your fireteam (and I’ll go more into that) gets lagged out or some issue happens. Everyone has to quit their games via the Xbox Home button just to rejoin up with each other. Which also brings me to question…why the hell can’t we even back out of a fireteam?? These very easy things aren’t in a Beta and its really frustrating. Basically forces you to sit there and wait til there are 8 players, one or two people back out…and you cannot even go restart the search. You just have to continue sitting and waiting.

Also, what is up with the black screen load times? After a game, and say you choose to back out during intermission (when it actually allows you to), it shows you the featured playlists, only to go black…load for 2-4 minutes, then show you the complete main menu. Its atrocious.