Allow More Customization Within (Competitve Team) Kits

Now guys, I know what you’re gonna say, “Kits are canonical characters! The whole point is to cosplay as them exactly”

My rebuttal is the competitive skin kits, now I also know what you’re gonna say about that, “It’s a competitive kit! It’s like a jersey, you shouldn’t be customizing it.” The whole point of why most people buy it is for the super cool coatings, and as far as I’ve seen, it’s not like players can’t wear armor that isn’t just Mark VII In comp either, so why not give us the kit and the shader
Where is all that awesome armor personalization you guys were writing home about that would be there day one 343i?

Why can’t I add effects to a kit? I think it should be allowed at very least, don’t tell me you guys don’t also want to use George’s, (Juns, Carters, Kats and so on) armor and a cool flaming shoulder or head special effect.
If we’re gonna have items stuck to kits you could at least let us use effects on them so we don’t feel forced to leave behind our 10 dollar coatings.

You’re lucky you’re able to get this close to tekken 7 levels of agonizingly bad customization limitations when you come from the halo series in my opinion.

TL;DR I want to at least put the flaming shoulders on a competitive team kit.

To all of you that say I want to play dress up with my spartan, yes, been doing this since Halo 3, saying you don’t want to look cool or different from your team is a bad take. I want the enemy to remember how I look when I take them out, always and forever.
That’s why as a kid I was so happy to get the katana, people would start to literally run away from me because of a simple attachment to my armor.