Allow JIP in Ranked Playlists

As the title reads, I think join-in-progress should be allowed for ranked. I’ve played my fair share of ranked games where the balance/fairness was broken because one sore-loser decided they didn’t want to finish the match. Once teams become uneven, the team that lost a player will lose the majority of the times making it a very frustrating experience for them. Similarly, being the team that has gained the advantage becomes much less fun as well because the competitive spirit is removed and in Slayer games, it becomes a chore trying to find the few players on the opposing team that remain.

Allow JIP and make it so that the player that joined is neither penalized nor awarded in terms of skill ranking. The player that joined should still be allowed to contribute towards their daily and weekly challenges. I think that would be a good way of handling the situation.

Absolutely not, JIP is a bad enough mechanic in social let alone ranked.

The other team should not be punished either who don’t have a quitter. Often someone quits when they’re being dominated.

Making affected team even again = Punishing the other team???

I’d much rather have a surrender option. That way I don’t have to sit there in a losing game for 10 minutes.


I don’t think a surrender option is a good solution. Entire teams will surrender after one teammate leaves. Imagine wanting to play some ranked matches and having to go through that scenario 2 or 3 times in a row before finally getting into a game with decent players that will finish the match.

Yes, it’s ranked. Once you take an advantage you shouldn’t lose it via RNG. Also just rubbish for the player that has to join in progress.

In ranked if someone quits that game is effectively over. Annoying but that’s why the ban exists.