Allow higher sensitivity for Xbox players

I am an xbox user and I love to play but the sensitivity is so annoyingly slow(especially for vehicles) and for the longest time I’ve wanted a higher option. Vehicles especialy suffer from this because of how discustingly weak they are now compaired to the old games. Please 343 allow us to have higher sensitivity.

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5 accel, 10 hor, and 10 vert is not fast enough for you?

It would be nice if controllers had two more buttons; one to snap turn left and one to snap turn right. You could set how many degrees you wanted the snap to go. These buttons could be somewhere around the triggers and bumpers, or, more interestingly, pressing the right stick hard towards the left or right edge would click a button causing the snap turn in that direction.

It’s still slow, Halo has the slowest sensitivity I know of and its quite painful while in a vehicle.