Alll the necessities for Halo 5 to be good

This is a list of things I think should be added to Halo xbox one for it to be a amazingly awesome game.


  • You should be able to drop in like an odst when respawning.
  • There should be big maps with water that allows for swimming, boating, or even fighting on the sea floor.
  • There should be interactive environments( I’m not asking for anything huge just maybe the ability to bust through a few walls)
  • There should be no armour ablities you start out with, just ones you pick up like in halo 3
  • Please please please include flyable vehicle( i miss the hornet and falcon so much)
  • Their should just be a set of weapons that all people have like in halo 3 but give them to customise these to their hearts content.
  • Bring back Firefight.
  • Allow for playable elites.


  • Give us a huge forge world.
  • Let us have an unlimited amount of money.
  • Let us spawn npcs( they dont have to move just let us have them)
  • Let us go all over the map no death timer over a hill or object just have the hight limit and map limit.
  • Let us spawn indigenous animals.


  • Make it longer.
  • Give master chief a companion besides cortana to fight beside( preferably the arbiter)
  • Let us explore more.
  • Make and have more indigenous creatures.
  • Create more bigtime events like I don’t know a meteor shower.
  • Don’t ring cortana back…yet.
  • Bring halo back( how about we at least get to see a halo in this game)

Well that’s my list hope you like it. Feel free to add your own below.