Alliance of Darkness

We are the Alliance of Darkness. We are a semi-competitive community, enjoy social interaction, and on occasion, we’re casual. Usually we play Warzone & BTB, but I’m up for anything, after all, since this is a community, there’s room for all sorts of stuff. We accept nearly anyone, only true rules are

  • No excessive vulgar acts. - No hostile acts against other members; If there’s a problem, please report it to me. - Age must be 14+, and you must be mature. - **No spam, trolling, or anything of the sort.**Other than that, you can message me for things you may be concerned about or otherwise need to know.NOTE: I typically am available at 12:00 PM-1:00 PM and 8:30 PM-12:30 AM. At other times I may not be available due to a busy schedule.