All you had to do was make a new version of H2A instead of Infinite

  1. You had one job. Bring halo back to its roots. Instead you made infinite. Halo on -Yoink!-. Run die run die run die. Strategy is a thing of the past. Teamwork?? Pfft. Who needs that when you can run die run die run die.

And do I need a special controller to snipe in this new halo? I considered myself an amazing sniper in ALL halos. And I can’t snipe for my life in this NEW halo. The junk doesn’t even register if the opponent is standing still!!!

Cool new guns bruh. All trash. That harpoon thing is a joke. Not only do shots not register properly but it takes 20 minutes to reload. Lmao. Cool useless paperweight.

This is now the game of running around spraying your AR, dying and repeating. Literally not one satisfying heart pounding game moment. Sneak in to grab a flag or plant a bomb? Nah just keep throwing bodies at it. Wow. How we have advanced. But hey. At least we can buy armor to show off before the round starts.

This is the most forgettable halo title to date. 5 was bad. This is that 6 years later.

All you had to do was remake halo 3. The way you did H2A. Add new maps and use the engine from H2A. Package it in a new box and everyone is happy. That is by far the best halo engine. And you guys said…meh…let’s make some laggy choppy crap instead where weapons don’t register.

And what’s with the UI?? Lol. Whoever designed the menus…fire them. Now. How does 343 not learn from past mistakes?


Oh and whose bright idea was it to drop vehicles in the middle of a map with 24 people fighting over it??? You get in and it blows up. Lol. You guys wrecked the vehicle play completely! I hit a bump in the ghost and flew off the map 6,000 feet like a banshee. Lol. But hey. We can now get into a hog that has a trunk. No gun. Yes just a trunk. Coooool. RIP fun halo vehicle gameplay.


sounds like a case of madcuzbad to me


It’s not that bad lol.

If you get that much stress and disharmony from the game, maybe it’s not for you bud.


this halo sucks and i haven’t played it in two weeks+, and I don’t miss it either


Congratulations, may all you gaming aspirations come true :grinning:

All I can say is- Ranked BTB Skirmish, unranked BTB slayer…just like Halo 2. You need teammates who want to win an objective game, not just go out to slay. Only way to do this is w/Halo 2 BTB system! You can’t force kids to want to sacrifice themselves to touch the flag so the enemy doesn’t return it to their base!

Im pretty sure - H2A was made on the H4 engine by Certain Affinity not 343.

it was and MS needs to pass the mantle of responsibility from 343i to certain affinity at least they know what makes halo halo


Halo 2 Anniversary was made by Blur, Saber Interactive, and Certain Affinity.

343 only made the compilation of the games together, hence why multiplayer was unplayable for nearly 5 years

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Halo 2 kinda sucks. Glad they didn’t.