All you 152s, Best way you've found to grind xp?

What is the best way you’ve found to grind xp? Specific gamemodes, strategies, etc.

My first 152 was easy because I left arena for about 3 1/2 years xD so I just played assault daily (wza), but when they made it rotational I started to play daily firefight, I never liked heroic and mythic (because I saved all my overshields for wza). That’s how I did my first 152.
when they put wza that’s my favorite mode I always play it and I made between 1.2 - 1.8 m xp every weekend they put it. Now I try to play a lot of mythic ff with some team and is very easy to get a lot of xp, they will give us mythic permanent soon, so I will try to get again 152 on that mode but Im not sure, I just like firefight and I try to win always.
try to use the jackpot xp (green one) because it gives you more xp in general than the others, of course if you want to buy legendary xp boosts It will be easier for you.
Ooh and try to not leave the matches, I know some players that never invite that dudes that quit and I erase for my friends that dudes xD

Playing very well in Arena, using jackpots
For WZ playing Mythic is so easy, using jackpots
Playing in the starred playlist

I just played the games that I liked.

I’m not 152 so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I try to earn 100,000 XP daily by playing the featured playlist until I get bored and than I switch over to firefight. I ran out of good boosts for arena so I use whatever I have, and I have a decent stash of legendary XP, jackpots, and mission victories for WZ.

I played Heroic FF, Infection or a featured playlist when I had an Arena legendary boost and then a little bit of BTB with a goal of 100K a day.

Do Microsoft rewards. You do the 30 desktop searches, 20 mobile searches, do the daily set in the Bing app, click on the links in the Rewards app on your Xbox & get one new achievement in a game per day and you’ll get enough points for a $5 gift card every twelve days or so. Then you can buy the Warzone Legendary XP packs in the store.

Is it worth doing mythic firefight over heroic firefight?

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> Is it worth doing mythic firefight over heroic firefight?

Yes, to my is worth it

Warzone. Arena is pretty bad for xp