All units, control groups, abilities and more [PC]

Pressing “All units” does not select all of your units. In fact it seems to be completely random whether or not units are selected. Sometimes it’s all of them. Sometimes a handful of units are left out. I have never used local units so I don’t know if this is broken as well. This is especially bad when I need to focus fire on an ultimate unit, and sometimes half of my infantry don’t feel like firing rockets.

That being said units are still extremely unresponsive. If I press R I should expect that no matter what, so long as the button was pushed once, that units is going to use their ability every single time. It doesn’t. Controlling units requires constant button mashing. Sometimes they have to move to get in range to use their ability. They’ll move and then forget about using their ability. Or they are already in range and simply choose not to. Or they are in range and decide to move and not use their ability, or run around in circles and then use their ability. But if you keep pressing the button enough times, the law of averages says they’ll use their ability eventually. The cooldown meter for abilities does not always start ticking once an ability is used. They may actually be using it but I have no way of knowing if they are considering how long it takes for it to actually happen, and how many projectiles are on screen.

Control groups are basically non-functional at the moment. If I select a group of 9 infantry and pres ctrl + 1, then 9/10 those units will be assigned to group 1. Now when my 10th infantry unit builds and I want to add him to the group, if I press shift + 1 to add him there is only a chance he will be added to the group. It is also possible that he will replace the group. Or a random selection of units from the group will be chosen to replace the group. Pressing shift to select multiple units often has the same effect. Units will often be deselected at random for seemingly no reason. There is also no way to rebind how you cycle through units. Whatever idiot told you it’s supposed to be done with a mouse wheel was -Yoinking!- with you. It is awful and makes me want to kill myself over how often I scroll past what I actually want. The default is supposed to be tab, but you don’t allow me to change it.

When moving through the options scrolling through pages takes time to load. If I’m on page 1 of the keybinds and I go to page 2 there is a period where the menu is blank while it loads the page. The first issue is the menu is in pages. This is wrong and is supposed to be all one page that simply scrolls down as I go through the list. Also there is an issue that prevents keys from being rebound. Currently the game isn’t allowing you to bind mouse buttons to actions. This has been shown to be a universal issue. Num pad buttons are also being recognized as one button rather than individual keys. For instance num pad 1 should select control group 1 and num pad 2 selects control group 2. Currently this is impossible because it recognizes them all as one key.

Pressing Esc does not skip the introduction movies when launching the game, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to disable them in the options.

Always show hitpoints was accidentally moved to video options instead of game options.

There is a second page under audio options that is literally nothing. It’s a blank page.

When selecting control options when I select keyboard and mouse controls, I have to select it again to reach the keybindings. The font size also has a tendency of changing in the keybind menu making it really hard to see which action it is.

Video options don’t provide any sort of color blind options whatsoever.

I have no way to select what the default play button should be on the main menu.

When hovering over the challenges on the main menu they do not display the objective. However when you click on the challenge it will tell you after it takes you to the career page.

Skirmish mode does not remember my settings between play sessions. Every time I launch the game I’m required to change all the settings back. This includes setting the difficulty, choosing the ai leader, changing the game mode, changing my team color (because blue is obviously better). Skirmish mode is also set by default to teams. Even in 1v1 it still considers you on a team. FFA mode does not seem to be possible since only two team colors exist.

Only two team colors exist. You are SOL if you like green.

The squad menu on the right is unresponsive. Clicking on an ai does not let me change it’s team, leader, or difficulty. Any sort of change MUST be done by clicking team setup and then clicking on the name of the ai in the team selection menu.

For some reason clicking on the name of a certain ai while choosing it’s team allows you to change their difficulty and then their leader. There is no indication that this is supposed be possible considering you are in a menu specifically for choosing teams. Team selection also requires a specific menu screen since the current squad menu on the side is non-functional.

AI leader can only be changed if the difficulty is changed. Player leaders cannot be selected until you attempt to start a match.

Not so much a bug more of a suggestion. Scrap the entire UI. The UI as it stands is (to put it nicely) cancerous. Please consider before you invest too much time and money fixing a ultimately useless UI.