All Time Favorite Halo Weapon

What is your favorite, all time, Halo Weapon? If you can’t pick one, make it your top three favorites! I have to go with:

  • Halo CE Mag - Sniper Rifle - SMGHow about you guys?

Does it include req variants or just standard variants? Because my top 3 weapons with req variants would be:
3. Ravening light
2. Ad victorium

  1. Smg with hologram sights and bayonet
    Without req variants would be:
  2. Energy sword/shotgun
  3. Spnkr rocket launcher
  4. Halo 5/Halo Ce magnum
    But I think the ultimate weapon would be… The Spartan laser+ad victorium glitch weapon

Baddle wifle

Needle weapons. As much as I dislike using Covenant weapons, the needle weapons have always been my favorite weapon of all time in the Halo games(My all time favorite video game weapon is the Spinfuser from Tribes).
They are my go-to weapons, and I just wish I had more of them in my REQs(Currently out of needlers, down to 12 Subans and 1 needle hog).

I completed Halo 1 on Legendary the first time by relying heavily on the needler, same with 2, 3, ODST and Reach.
I have only completed Halo 4 and 5 once, but due to lack of needlers, I couldn’t use it as much as I would have liked to.

CE shotty.

Got me through the library on legendary and for that it will forever have a place in my armoury.

Also it allowed me to keep saying “i like to keep this handy…for close encounters”

The plasma pistol with pistol combo on Halo CE

ODST Pistol (That Snap Noise though…)
Sniper Rifle


Through out the Carbine’s existence, It never ceases to impress. If im against a BR or a DMR in a fight when I have this equipped, I always come out on top and dominate the entirety of my Spartans concurrent life span. This weapon is precise, destructive, and vigilant. It isn’t as foreign as it may seem; coming from an outer rim religious organization of species. I prefer this gun over any gun if an arsenal of weapons stood before me.


CE magnum - 3 shots to the head and you die, enough said.

  1. H5 BR
  2. Reach Grenade Launcher
  3. Plasma Pistol

1: covenant carbine.
2: needle rifle.
3: energy sword.

Halo: CE Magnum, hands down and the OG Halo 2 Battle Rifle

CE Magnum

I will give you a hint:
I gave you the answer :wink:

  1. Nornfang
  2. CE Pistol
  3. Needler/Needle Rifle/Blood of Suban

1 BR
2 carbine
3 energy sword

  1. Halo 3 Splaser
  2. Halo Reach Shotgun
  3. Blaze of Glory


CE Plasma rifle

You always remember your first.