All things i found bad about halo infinite beta

Spawn - You can spawn behind enemies and they can spawn behind you (not that bad since its rare) please add spawn invincibility i dont wanna get spawn killed and trapped if one of my teammates leave
Grenades - They do way too much damage, and you spawn with two. In ranked you should spawn with 1 so players won’t get killed most of the time by grenade spam. Nerf it or just spawn with only 1.
Grenade throwing - Make them throw grenades further. I don’t know if the grenades are heavier because of lore about it. If they aren’t, make spartans throw further.
Gamemodes - Make it where you can choose the gamemode you want in the full game.
Customization - Almost every good armor costs money. The spartan V [B] is only attainable by buying the premium battle pass. Also microtransactions, move past halo 5. I feel like this won’t be changed, but I hoped for a halo where the currency was like halo reach or 3. Nope, cod system.
Weekly Challenges - Way too -Yoink!- difficult sometimes, and why does new challenges come when I completed all 3 already. Do i have to complete a list to unlock a -Yoink!- yellow visor?
Getting hit through or hitting walls - Pretty sure this is just ping.
Melee lunge - What the hell, what happened. Sometimes its good, sometimes there’s none.
Female Spartans - They aren’t thicc, c’mon. Do what you did with Halo 5.

That’s about all I can think of.

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