All Things Forerunner

Any queries questions or anything else to do with the Forerunners and their high class of Warrior-Servant Subspecies the Prometheans.

Is that supposed to be a statement or a question?

You can’t just expect people to know what you’re talking about the instant you make a thread. I’m guessing you want to discuss the Forerunners.

They are cool. But sometimes mean.

hes new I guess he is asking if we have any personal thoughts on the forerunners.

I like them Im glad they are actually going to interact with us instead of biegn that ancient lost scociety.

BTW welcome to waypoint.

This might suit the Universe forum better.

The promethians aren’t a sub-species. They’re supposed to be forerunners, I have my own theory on why they’re machines and it has something to do with something called The Composer.

Yes, I have a question. Do forerunners take their coffee black or with cream and sugar?

I don’t understand what you are trying to say.
Little Timmy fell in a well?

Na its all about the precursers!