All the small things

For me what makes a halo game a better game is all the small improvements and enhancements that really add up to make the game largely cooler.

Here are some small gameplay elements I believe should be added to improve and enhance and make gameplay more fun and creative.

-Dual wielding - full strength like Halo 2, start w/ ARs like Halo 3 to reduce the usage of this good arsenal.
-Going Prone - Yep going prone. why not?
-Some sort of addon for spartans- like equipment and AAs. preferably placed on map.
-D-Pad equipment - Wouldn’t it be cool if at the loadout menu you could choose to have a trip mine to place out? Or even a radar jammer? Flare?
-Loadouts revamped and more customizable - Have it possible to have up to 10 loadouts to choose from, and let people choose from the start menu. Also please make it possible to have certain traits for a certain loadout PLEASE!.
-Many vehicles from Halo Wars imported into Halo 4 - Speaks for itself.
-More Versions of different types of weapons -Bring back flamethrower as normal weapon not a heavy, Put a sniper in the game that has a 1 shot clip and a good travel time. Does the damage of 1.5 grenades so a direct hit anywhere will kill while splash damage will only lower shields. Add a prowler that shoots brute shots, as a equivalent to a rocket warthog, Give us a shotgun that has twice the range of the current one, but you have to reload each clip. i could go on for days;)
-Dual wielding - added to the list again for emphasis. PS: IMO they should balance it by making the reticule on a single SMG twice as small as it is when it is dual wielded.
-Destructible environments - or at least semi destructible. This adds SO much depth to games! you know what i mean if you played Battlefield.
-Make amazing maps
-Make good gametypes.
Yep thats all

Halo wars vehicles would be legendary, CYCLOPS LOL!