All the problems I faced on the co-op

Finally got the play the coop and this is what I faced

  • Sometimes during a run, on the first mission, we would hit a save that would freeze and entirely crash the game. Other times on a save, we would get flung out when everything is exploding.
  • A lot of crashes when saving at some points.
  • Enemies tend to be zero challenge.
  • Upgrades don’t go through sometimes for equipment. The 40% grapplehook wasn’t upgraded until I restarted after a crash.
  • Whoever hosts lags so hard, if everyone dies and resets to previous checkpoint, you’re stuck in the loading screen forever.
  • I don’t like that we respawn with out weapons. Kind of destroys any fear of death and consequence.

Im sure there is more, but I stopped after finishing the first island. We just got tired of having to alt-f4 to continue the game.

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The problems i encountered so far:

  • After the first flight, the Pelican didn’t fly away, but crashed onto the ground
  • When using the razorback, only the driver has normal framerates, while the rest just encounter lag. This didn’t happen with the Mongoose though (didn’t try other vehicles yet)

Honestly I faced enough bugs to say that’s enough for the beta for me really, there’s enough for the devs to focus before releasing it publicly definitely.

Only issue so far I’ve encountered was when we & my mate both died we were stuck in a loading screen and had to restart the build

Yeah same here, thats honestly the soul reason why I stopped continuing last night. Like Iron Skull on crack

Ouch, I’ll save myself the headache.

We all knew there would be issues, but it’s gotten to the point after 7 years of waiting to play an actual game isn’t going to be until 2025, and that is even if 343 can figure things out by then. This is just Co-Op, that now I’m really worried about the forge world because all the issues Infinite has, and they still need to work on custom games from what’s been posted.

I don’t know what 343 is going to do to fix things, but they better figure things out soon because there are only so many players willing to stick around with infinite in it’s current state.

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Here’s a friendly reminder that forum posts during a flight are a lot more helpful if everyone includes basic hardware info in your details.

(XBSX, PC, XBO, etc.)

It’s been a while for me as well,

There is so much lacking in just about every aspect of the game that I have no interest in playing at all. Tbh, I feel I was ripped off especially how 343 falsely advertised infinite and miss-led the player base about what was to be expected like “customization” that is behind a paywall.

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